Dr. Thomas Lindhqvist

Associate Professor


Dr. THOMAS LINDHQVIST has been researching and teaching at the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) at Lund University since 1995. He teaches and researches mainly in the area of environmental product policy, with special emphasis on extended producer responsibility (a term first coined by Thomas in 1990) and informative instruments (environmental product declarations and eco-labelling), as well as preventive environmental strategies, the use of economic instruments and waste management. Thomas has been a co-leader of the Working Group on Policies, Strategies and Instruments to Promote Cleaner Production, part of the UNEP Network on Cleaner Production. He has also worked on research projects with several national and international authorities and organizations, including the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the Swedish Ministry of Environment, the Nordic Council of Ministers, the OECD, WWF and Greenpeace, among many others.