Tom Cole-Hunter

Research Fellow


Dr Tom Cole-Hunter (PhD) is a Research Fellow at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and a Policy Consultant at the Asia-Pacific Centre for Environment and Health (World Health Organisation [WHO]), Korea. He has broad experience in environmental health (epidemiology) and exposure assessment for air pollution and noise, including emissions from cookstoves, road traffic, and waste-to-energy incinerators. He studies the clinical and subclinical health effects of exposure among general and susceptible populations, from active commuters (walkers, bicyclists) in urban developments to cookstove users in regional/rural settings. His expertise has been gained in this area by working with large European Commission-funded projects, smaller (US) National Institutes of Health-funded studies, and while supported by an (Australian) National Health and Medical Research Council fellowship. Dr Cole-Hunter obtained his PhD at the International Laboratory for Air Quality and Health, a World Health Organization [WHO] Collaborative Centre, in 2013 under the supervision of Distinguished Professor Lidia Morawska.