Yasmin Khan Gibson

Program Director, Graphic Design


Yasmin Khan Gibson is a graphic designer and design educator based in Los Angeles, CA. She has lectured at conferences large and small and is currently Program Director of the Graphic Design Program at California Institute of The Arts. Her work has appeared in numerous publications and has been recognized by ACD, Art Directors Club and :output. Yasmin is a founding partner in Workshop Project, a pedagogical design practice. The practice investigates new platforms and formal outcomes for design education through producing workshops, and critical writing in the form of syllabi and curricula for graphic design educators, students and administrators. On an annual basis, Workshop Project organizes and facilitates FREE, A Design Educators Workshop as a collaborative platform for generative research and discourse around design education. All of the practice’s working and completed projects, syllabi, abstracts and proposals are available for public viewing and download on the WP web site and wiki site. Yasmin is also a former partner in Counterspace, which still lives on and specializes in design for cultural institutions.