Roselva Tunstall

Project Lead at the EdTech Lab at ESMT Berlin


Roselva Tunstall is a digital learning leader with eighteen years of experience helping institutions reach their full potential. She began her career in education at a private secondary school in San Francisco, where she taught world history and focused on student-centered learning. Roselva became the first director of the Sophie’s Scholars Program and Barat College Access Fund, two new programs in a private school in Silicon Valley, that dared to position students from underrepresented communities at the center of every educational decision. With a strong case of wanderlust, she decided to pack a bag and solo travel through Europe. Several months later she found herself learning how to shoot analog film in Berlin and decided to stay. In her current role as the first Edtech Lab Project Lead at ESMT Berlin, she works with an international team to develop and deliver research-based, high quality online and blended learning programs. When Roselva is not engaged in professional projects, she can be found cycling around Berlin with her Nokia F3 photographing architecture, looking for the latest restaurant opening or on a plane, gliding to her next adventure.

Courses - English