Don Phin

Speaker, Strategic Advisor, and Executive Coach


I have worked with over 6000 CEOs, and many of their teams, to develop better stories so they produce better results. These stories affect our culture, engagement, brand, ability to sell, and career opportunities. When people have the right stories, like the ones that work with reality, life is good. When they have the wrong stories, they fight reality and get frustrated, anxious, and angry. Ever since I was a trial lawyer, I noticed there could be only one set of facts about a thing, only one reality, and yet people would have a dozen different stories about it. As I dove deeper into this, I learned we collect many stories, and they often block our full potential. What makes me unique, is the ability to move past the apparent logic of a situation, and listen to discover deeper and often simpler causes. The bottom line is I love my work, and so do my clients, because we produce results. How would you like to get together and learn how I can help you?