Jordi Badosa

Research Engineer


After a degree in physics and a thesis in measurement and modeling of solar radiation, Jordi Badosa joined the Dynamic Meteorology Laboratory in 2010 to do research in solar forecasting for photovoltaic applications. In this frame, he lead the development of a software tool (PVSCOPE) for multi-horizon PV forecasting, that is used industrially under licence. In 2015, he widened his field of activity as project manager in instrumentation and experimentation of the research program on the energy transition at the École Polytechnique (TREND-X). In 2019 he was appointed technical director of the new Interdisciplinary Center Energy4Climate. He is in charge of the development of photovoltaic and wind test platforms as well as demonstrators for energy management at the building and Campus scales, all within the framework of interdisciplinary projects and with strong industrial collaboration.