Dr. Deborah Lee

Clinical Assistant Professor, Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator


Dr. Deborah Lee is a Clinical Assistant Professor, Co-Director of the Clinical Learning Center at the University of Michigan School of Nursing, and a certified healthcare simulation educator with an extensive background in simulation-based learning. Dr. Lee's research examines efficacy, retention, and transferability of procedural skills using augmented reality devices. Dr. Lee has developed collaborative agreements with industry partners and healthcare systems to train medical and nursing students globally on bedside skills and procedures. Dr. Lee has maintained her clinical practice for the past 12 years as a nurse practitioner in Critical Care at a large academic center. She works regularly with residents and nurse practitioner students to mentor them. In addition, she teaches a procedures course at the School of Nursing which trains all graduate nursing students for clinical practice. Through coursework and hands-on clinical and research experiences, Dr. Lee has developed extensive knowledge in the area of simulation-based learning. She has obtained valuable communication, leadership, and time management skills as a Director and as an advanced practice nurse which are essential for improving outcomes for patients.

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