senior researcher - road materials expert - materials and Structures Department


I have a long experience (near 35 years) on road applications (quality control), researches on materials and structures, technician expert, adviser for standardization (France and Europe). I began my activity on regional laboratory in Lille, responsible of controls and mix design (1981-1990). I have been working at the L.C.P.C., since 1990, (Central laboratory of roads and Bridges) in Nantes (west of France) in the department of road materials and pavement design. I am in charge of research about bituminous mixes, especially about the relationship between the experimental tests in laboratory and the behaviour in place, on the road construction or on the test track in Nantes. I wrote many articles and presented many conferences on road techniques and researches. I am carrying out some studies and research on mix design and rutting problem of asphalt mixes. I am co-ordinating the French Observatory of Road Techniques (surface layers like: surface dressing, slurry seal, asphalt mixes in ultra, very, thin or thick layers; and on base course especially structural layers), set in place by the ministry of transport and equipment. Since the last 4 years, I am in charge of LCPC research program on the road wearing course techniques, including the qualification of new techniques, the test in lab to assess the texture and durability of asphalt mixes, the research on permanent deformation especially the development of calculation model to take into account the evolution, in time, due to the deformation law of mix. I am working in French and European asphalt mixes standardisation program (tests and mixes). I am participating to some technical co-operation program with many others countries to help us to develop new techniques (like High Modulus Mixes with Poland or UK) to improve the mix design studies with many countries Romania, Canada, Tunisia, Morocco, Brazil, Cambodgia, Japan,… to adapt new specifications, to communicate the know-how on bituminous mixes (in participating in congress, in specific seminar, by writing many articles (more than 100),…).