Dr. Elizabeth Sweeney

Rice Academy Postdoctoral Fellow


Dr. Elizabeth Sweeney earned her PhD from the Biostatistics department at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, under the supervision of Dr. Ciprian Crainiceanu at Johns Hopkins and Dr. Russell Shinohara at the University of Pennsylvania. Elizabeth’s PhD research has made contributions to the improved analysis of neuroimaging data, as evidenced by numerous publications, presentations, and patents. Elizabeth’s interest in this area began with a traineeship at the Nation Institute of Neurological Disease and Stroke, where she did research in Dr. Daniel Reich’s lab on image analysis in multiple sclerosis. Elizabeth is passionate about both research and teaching. Elizabeth has co-taught a number of tutorials and courses on neuroimage data analysis. She also taught and introductory biostatistics course to masters of public health students at the American University of Armenia. Elizabeth now works on imaging in Alzheimer's disease at Rice University as a Rice Academy Postdoctoral Fellow. With mentors Dr. Genevera Allen of Rice Statistics and Dr. Joshua Shulman of the Baylor College of Medicine Neurology, Elizabeth is working to develop neuroimaging, epidemiological, and genetic biomarkers in Alzheimer's disease.