Dr. Jeri Antilla

Clinical Assistant Professor


Dr. Jeri Antilla brings a wealth of expertise and passion to the field of obstetrics, dedicating her nursing career to the care of birthing individuals and their newborns. Holding a certification in inpatient obstetrical nursing, Dr. Antilla has become a respected authority in her specialty. Her scholarly pursuits are centered on the critical examination of how racism and discrimination contribute to health disparities, ongoing oppression, and the mental health of marginalized birthing populations. Dr. Antilla's recent research delves into the lived experiences of African-American women, particularly focusing on chronic stress and mental well-being following perinatal loss. With a diverse teaching background, Dr. Antilla plays a pivotal role at the University of Michigan School of Nursing. Her instructional responsibilities include both didactic and clinical aspects of the undergraduate reproductive health course. Through her teaching, Dr. Antilla not only imparts knowledge but also instills a passion for learning and a sense of charisma that inspires learners to embark on a lifelong pursuit of knowledge within the nursing discipline. Advocacy is a cornerstone of Dr. Antilla's teaching philosophy. She is committed to fostering a sense of advocacy in her students, emphasizing the ongoing imperative to address healthcare disparities and champion social justice, particularly in the care of vulnerable populations. Driven by a genuine love for nursing, Dr. Antilla continues to make significant contributions to the field through her dedication to education, research, and the well-being of those she serves.

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