Nicholas Stevens is a Lecturer in the School of Materials at The University of Manchester and a member of the Materials Performance Centre research group. His areas of expertise include Electrochemistry and Corrosion Science in which he likes to combine both experimental techniques and Finite Element Modelling to understand how systems work. Dr Stevens has worked on projects sponsored by multinational companies such as BP, AWE, Grundfos, EDF, Nexia PLC, NDA, AkzoNobel, Rolls Royce, and others, and has supervised PhD and Postdoctoral research in areas including nuclear power, long term nuclear waste storage, atmospheric corrosion, corrosion in cement, corrosion under coatings, cathodic protection and localised corrosion. His main interest is in systems where there is a complex combination of different governing equations that couple together to determine the behaviour of a system, such as when electrical distributions and mass transport both influence an interface. Dr Stevens has over 16 years experience using the COMSOL multiphysics environment to rapidly generate models, and also programs in Matlab, and uses electrical circuit modelling software such as the SPICE derived models.