Oren Perez has an LLB (Magna Cum Laude) from Tel Aviv University and LLM (1997), PhD (2001) from London School of Economics and Political Science and BA Philosophy from University of London (First Class Honours) (2015). He is Professor of Law and currently serves as Dean of Bar-Ilan Faculty of Law. He primarily works in the fields of Environmental Law and Policy, International Trade and Globalization, Networks and Law and E-Democracy. He has written more than 50 articles and has won various research grants (from the Israeli Science Foundation and various Ministries). He has initiated various international collaboration projects, among them the Association of Transnational Law Schools – ATLAS - and the Global Consortium on Private Law (in which both EUR and BIU are partners as well as other EU law schools). Among his most recent publications are Oren Perez, Fuzzy Law: A Theory of Quasi-Legal Systems, 28 Canadian Journal of Law & Jurisprudence, July 2015, pp 343–370; The Prospects of E-Democracy: An Experimental Study of Collaborative E-Rulemaking (April 14, 2018), 15 Journal of Information Technology & Politics (2018) 278-299; Governance through global networks and corporate signaling. Regulation & Governance (2019); Transnational Networked Constitutionalism, Journal of Law & Society (2018) Pages S135-S162 and The Network of Law Reviews: Citation Cartels, Scientific Communities, and Journal Rankings. Modern Law Review, 2019.

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