Scarlet Keys



Scarlet Keys is a Professor of Songwriting at the Berklee College of Music and is a former staff writer for Warner Chappell. Her writing has garnered her a gold record in Sweden, a top ten hit in Britain and numerous songs recorded by artists spanning genres from jazz, country, Americana, to folk and pop. Scarlet’s songs have appeared on film and TV. as well as national commercials and she has collaborated and performed with artists such as Chris Stapleton, Charlie Puth, and Melissa Ferrick to name a few. Some of Scarlet’s former students include: Charlie Puth, Ingrid Andress, Sam Fischer, Charlie Worsham and Liz Longley. Scarlet continues to write, perform and teach both at Berklee and songwriting clinics across the U.S. writing songwriting articles and curriculm. She just released her first book entitled “The Craft of Songwriting: Music, Meaning and Emotion” and is the host of her podcast "What's in a Song."