Klaus Heine holds the Chair for Law and Economics and Economic Policy at Erasmus School of Law. His domains are European economic policy, law and economics, and management. He conceives these three domains as complementary research areas and in his research he is eager to get new insights by merging the three domains into a multidisciplinary research approach. He publishes his research in leading journals and presents at international conferences. Currently he teaches European integration (economic analysis and political economy) and Digital Governance at Erasmus School of Law and grid regulation at the Free University of Berlin. Before becoming a professor at Erasmus School of Law (2010) he researched and taught at the universities of Bochum, Marburg and the Free University of Berlin. From 2016-2021 he was the Director of the Erasmus Graduate School of Law. In recent years, he started focusing on the legal challenges of digitalization for society and business. He is a frequent policy advisor for matters of digitalization for the Dutch and German governments.

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