Amy Radin is a strategist, growth hacker and problem solver who brings 25 years of experience as a Fortune 100 marketing, digital and innovation operating executive to boards and executive teams seeking to develop, build, grow and scale businesses that address today’s market needs. Because innovation cannot happen in a silo, Amy ensures an end-to-end view of operations and stakeholder needs through a collaborative approach to discovery, prototyping, validation and go-to-market. What further sets Amy apart is her pragmatic and visionary outlook, unlocking innovation operating leverage, and equipping and inspiring teams to reach for and achieve ambitious goals. Amy establishes advisory relationships based on business need. She creates an understanding of what matters to the people the business wants to serve, then focuses on connecting these priorities to the business model, goals, decisions and execution. She brings an understanding of the reality of organizational culture and complexity, and a realistic approach to what innovation success requires. Through her diverse experiences, Amy created and pressure-tested the Seek, Seed and Scale framework. The Change Maker’s Playbook: How to Seek, Seed and Scale Innovation in Any Company is available in hardcover, paperback, e-book and audio formats. In both the Playbook and as a keynote speaker, Amy shares her expertise and perspective, with her characteristically authentic voice, on what it takes to identify and create new sources of value and growth today. Amy is a graduate of The Wharton School and Wesleyan University. She lives in the New York City metro area.