Leonard E. White investigates brain development in early life and the relationships between the structure of neural circuits and the functional properties they generate. His research has been published in top scientific journals and he is co-author of a digital atlas of the human brain (Sylvius) and co-editor and co-author of a leading textbook in the field (Neuroscience, Sinauer Assoc., Inc.). In addition, he directs on-campus versions of this online course for health professions students in the Duke University School of Medicine. He also co-direct an undergraduate (baccalaureate) major in Neuroscience at Duke University and teaches undergraduate courses in Functional Neuroanatomy and Neurohumanities (in Paris). White came to Duke University in 1992 after completing a Ph.D. in neural biology at Washington University in St. Louis. After pursuing postdoctoral studies in the Department of Neurobiology at Duke University School of Medicine, he joined the faculty of the Duke University School of Medicine in 1999, where he developed and continues to teach foundational coursework in neuroscience and functional neuroanatomy. In 2008, he joined the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences, where he serves as director of education. White helped implement and now supports Undergraduate Studies in Neuroscience at Duke University. White is the recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award from physical therapy students, the Golden Apple Award from medical students (multiple times), and the Master Clinician/Teacher Award from the Duke University School of Medicine.

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