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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Advanced Competitive Strategy by Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU)

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Advanced Competitive Strategy will introduce new topics and modules with even more real world examples and opportunities for student interaction than in the previous course Competitive Strategy ( In Advanced Competitive Strategy, we will look at how companies can build up and maintain their customer base by increasing switching costs and facilitating strategic customer lock-ins. We will find out how firms can increase their profits by pursuing suitable price discrimination and product differentiation strategies. We will look at examples of what is acceptable behavior under the premises of EU competition and US antitrust policies and discover exciting ways of how companies can increase their returns by strategically making use of network effects and economies of size. We will further intensify our newly acquired knowledge about network effects and discuss strategies that are explicitly tailored to network markets. We will analyze the workings of mergers and acquisitions and, moreover, support you in considering alternative strategies that can help companies grow organically....

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Feb 11, 2019

I like the game theory that used to explain competitive strategy. The lectures were interactive and quite challenging, which are important to keep the learner engaged and focused.


Jun 30, 2017

Great course with relevant content and really useful strategic overview of business strategy. Enjoyed Prof. Kretschmer's innovative teaching style and the breadth of the syllabus.

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By Ameya D

Jul 1, 2017

Great course with relevant content and really useful strategic overview of business strategy. Enjoyed Prof. Kretschmer's innovative teaching style and the breadth of the syllabus.


Mar 24, 2016

Estimado Profesor Tobias y apreciables señores del staff:

Mi nombre es Jaime Renato Rodríguez Haro, vivo en Ciudad de México, tengo 56 años y estoy atendiendo este curso después de haber concluido el anterior con una calificación de 8.96.

Les escribo en español porque me expreso mejor que en inglés, pero no tengo problema para entender perfectamente las magistrales exposiciones que el Maestro Tobías hace de cada tema. Estudio aunque ya estoy viejo, una carrera de Administración de Empresas Turísticas en la UnADMexico y este curso me ha permitido tener mayor facilidad de aprendizaje en mis estudios.

Quiero felicitarlos por estos dos cursos y ojalá el Maestro haga un curso nuevo para los que ya hemos estudiado los anteriores.



By Ambar H

Jun 21, 2017

This is one of the best learning that I have been engaged in. The presented concepts and their articulation is spot on with real world problems/challenges/opportunities that I have observed in my last 19 years of Industry experience. The methods and their application is well described and bears practical relevance in the actual markets! Well done.. A quick suggestion would be to engage a sponsor/s from Industries who could video record their experience/insights on various topics. These can be a part of the curriculum as short video inserts making the students get real verbiage from the horses mouth. Else the course and Mr. Tobias is fantastic

By Mahmoud M S

Aug 16, 2020

This review concerns Business undergrads the most,

The course is an eye-opener for me as a student. Questions in this course are challenging and were not going easy on us. While this course is relatively advanced to the previous "Competitive Strategy" course, I'm still aware that it is slightly misleading to call it "advanced". As I said, the course will still get a 5-stars rating from me since it delivered what it was expected from it (at least from my point of view as a Business School Student). Dr. Tobias is a wonderful lecturer too, wanna see more of his courses.

By Francisco B

Apr 3, 2020

I would give not just 5 stars I would add an extra 1 for this excellent course and the excellent way Proffesor Kretschmer explains, and of course I cannot forget its jokes as was the case when he bought the two pizzas. (German humor: I was really laughingI, and I really enjoy it). Great course to be used as an analytical tool for the dairy duties, and as a strong guide to look for other courses such as Supply Chain Management, Marketing and Economicsetc.. Thank you very much Coursera and all its members, workers and universities for helping to have a better world.

By Gustavo G S

Dec 31, 2020

The learnings from this course have made me understand some of the organizational events that are currently taking place in the company I work for. First, I did not know how to name some of the actions and/or decisions comig from management in my job, and sometimes, explanation for decision-making was not clearly or logically envisioned from my side. Now, specially with the information discussed in the Mergers and Acquisition module, I got a better picture of the day to day scenario in terms of organizational and managerial point of view. Very much recommended.

By Кристина

Aug 16, 2016

It's the best course, on which I have ever been enrolled. Its language is understandable not only for students of economic departments and for everyone, who is interested in this topic. The professor is a professional in his sphere and just a talented person with an actor's skills. He turned the course into an interesting tour of Munich, because every module is connected with some sight of the city, this activates attention and makes teaching material more remembered. If this course is continued, I will definitely join it! Thank you)

By Simon V d b

Mar 24, 2016

Very informative with plenty of real-life (or credible fictional) examples to better understand the concepts that were introduced. The pace was agreeable and the subjects diverse. Special mention should go to the instructor (Prof. Tobias Kretschmer), who did a terrific job! I liked the question format as well, though it could have been more challenging by not giving away the answers after an end-of-module quiz even if you didn't pass. That being said, the course is well worth 5 stars!

By Justin J

Sep 16, 2015

After completing this course, I have gained valuable insights in real life situations and be more aware in my own industry. This course would not only allow you to see the playing field but also to make carefully calculated decisions towards the best possible outcome.

The tests are difficult and some are rather tricky. But hey, the situations we encounter in real life are far worse than these.

By Sourav B

Dec 7, 2019

Enjoyed doing the course and learnt a lot because slides are made very simple to understand the subject just by reading, using examples makes the concepts very clear and the explanation by the Professor in the video makes grasping of the topics much more easy. Truly a great experience and that makes me take up more courses in Coursera.

By Rafael C S

Dec 16, 2020

This course helped me a lot to better understand how competitive strategies are important to make a company more profitable in the long term. The lectures were excellent, the content is very relevant. Recommended to all professionals who want to learn a challenge course that can be applied in the daily business.


Nov 1, 2020

I thank Coursera and Tobias Kretschmer Sir of LMU for teaching me this course of strategy very professional teachers are offered in Coursera also during pandemic how they gave students access to all courses was also a great move. he explains the concepts in a clear way truly enjoyed learning from him.

By Ben C

Aug 18, 2020

This course contains very interesting material for business lovers. The video lectures provided were very engaging and prepared me for the graded tests, and after completion I was able to display my certificate on my CV and LinkedIn page- would definitely recommend this course!

By Lanka A

Apr 18, 2020

This course has useful reading material and lecturer's explanation videos are clear and interesting. I gained so much of knowledge going through essential topics. It covers real world examples, which help us to understand the theory better. I recommend this program. thank you

By Deleted A

Jun 6, 2016

Awesome lecture. I wish the lectures at my University would have been as good as this. Then I think I would have a much better and more interesting time and I`d learned a lot more.

Thanks for all your work!!

Best wishes form Switzerland!

By Felipe C B

Aug 19, 2018

Another amazing course from LMU and the teacher. I highly recommend it. It has strong economic and managements foundations, although it does not get lost in complex language. The best Strategy course by far that I've found online.

By Evgeniya T

Jul 16, 2021

Basic concepts explained easily. Great for beginners and those who have just basic knowledge in marketing and strategy.

I would like to say special thank you to the instructor for keeping learners engaged throughout the course.

By Ibrahim Y

Mar 3, 2017

I love this dude; very entertaining professor who is easy to understand. The class itself was also very interesting and i learned a lot that i can apply to my current position as a senior analyst at an industry research firm.

By Vamsee V

Feb 6, 2016

Love your style of teaching. The Multiple choice answers in your exams are difficult but necessary to fully understand the topics.

Content of the course - 100/100.

I would take another course of Prof. Kretschmer instantly.

By Victor H M S

Mar 29, 2019

Excellent course. It teaches all the stuff about lock-in strategies, network markets, organic and inorganic growth, organizational structure and more. A must for those pursuing managerial position in career.

By zahra a

Nov 19, 2021

I loved the way that instructor of this course have did everything to better the UX of this course in terms of locations he chose for filming the course, thank you dear Tobias. I enjoyed this course a lot!

By Aditya K

Sep 25, 2016

This is one of the best courses. The manner of teaching is very lucid and easy to understand. I am impressed with the examples. I would love to have more courses from him on Competitive Strategy!! Cheers!

By Anil A

Feb 11, 2019

I like the game theory that used to explain competitive strategy. The lectures were interactive and quite challenging, which are important to keep the learner engaged and focused.

By Jordi R

Aug 14, 2021

The professor is clear on his explanations, with outstanding and engaging videos, and useful supporting material. Congratulations to Mr. Kretschmer and his staff for the course!

By Janelle L

Aug 2, 2020

Excellent course that is both clear and challenging. It provides my in depth knowledge and tools to establish/analysis competitive strategies and/or competitive life cycles.