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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Advanced Data Structures in Java by University of California San Diego

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About the Course

How does Google Maps plan the best route for getting around town given current traffic conditions? How does an internet router forward packets of network traffic to minimize delay? How does an aid group allocate resources to its affiliated local partners? To solve such problems, we first represent the key pieces of data in a complex data structure. In this course, you’ll learn about data structures, like graphs, that are fundamental for working with structured real world data. You will develop, implement, and analyze algorithms for working with this data to solve real world problems. In addition, as the programs you develop in this course become more complex, we’ll examine what makes for good code and class hierarchy design so that you can not only write correct code, but also share it with other people and maintain it in the future. The backbone project in this course will be a route planning application. You will apply the concepts from each Module directly to building an application that allows an autonomous agent (or a human driver!) to navigate its environment. And as usual we have our different video series to help tie the content back to its importance in the real world and to provide tiered levels of support to meet your personal needs....

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Oct 12, 2017

Great into to Java, instructors have clearly put thought in to the format with the choose your own learning style videos, and additional coverage where it may be needed. These have been very helpful.

Jun 7, 2017

Fantastic course! I would recommend to anyone interested in learning the graph data structure in a fun and hands-on and engaging way! Definitely one of the best courses I have followed on Coursera.

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By Dmitry G

May 11, 2016

Great course!

By Leonid M

Feb 4, 2016

Great course.

By Light0617

Sep 7, 2018

great course

By Aswin S K

Feb 18, 2018

Excellent !!

By Gábor C

Jul 25, 2016

Good course!

By Volodymyr

Feb 15, 2016

Nice course.

By Alexey P

Jan 26, 2016

Really coool

By Musa M N

Nov 8, 2017

Simply nice

By Enno H

Apr 10, 2018

Very Good!

By Wessel B

Nov 18, 2016

Really fun

By Gaurav P

Feb 14, 2016

Nice one!!

By Deekshith M

Jul 19, 2020

so useful

By Jung H K

Apr 25, 2018

loved it!

By Veri

Apr 30, 2020

Nice Web

By Sergei G

Nov 2, 2016


By Jonathan A G S

May 7, 2016


By Maciej

Jan 7, 2016



May 11, 2020


By Rakesh P

Nov 28, 2018



Apr 20, 2017


By Cheun P

Jan 12, 2016


By Felix A

Jan 12, 2016

This course was very well put together. The videos were clear and well organized. They typically contained a powerpoint presentation and little box with the presenter's head. The assignments built off of each other by reusing code from previous weeks.

The test cases for the grader weren't very complete. If I have any recommendations for the organizers it would be to tighten up their grading process. (For one assignment, I completely forgot to write one function and there was no test coverage for it! I ended up writing it the next week.) Still the codebase that they have provided for the class is large so I don't fault them for bugs. I think it will probably improve over time as more people take the course.

Overall, they did a great job!

By Diyi L

Sep 5, 2017

It is a good course. It lets you to understand basic data structures and lets you code some data structures (mainly graph data structures) on your own (it takes some time to finish assignment). However, I think there are much more data structures in Java not covered in this course (like all kinds of trees), which means this course doesn't tell you EVERY MAJOR data structure in Java and their usage. It just tells you how to check javadoc on your own. I think an introduction about other frequently used data structures will be helpful.

By Joseph S

Apr 19, 2018

This was a fun and interesting course. The most challenging but rewarding course of this specialization. Learning about graphs and their search algorithms was really interesting, I want to look into graphs and TSP problems more. Basically building a graph from scratch was an amazing and rewarding experience. I definitely recommend this course!

By Gregory B

Mar 12, 2016

For me, it is easier to grasp algorithms that are written out than audio/video description. I would have given 5 stars if the course material accommodated different learning styles for each chapter. I had to do a fair amount of searching for information on the A Star search algorithm to the understand the subtle details.