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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Antisemitism: From Its Origins to the Present by Yad Vashem

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In this course, 50 leading scholars from all over the world will explore questions and issues relating to antisemitism including: what is antisemitism? How has it changed throughout history? Why can it be found among so many diverse cultures, and even among opposing ideologies? What happened to antisemitism after the Holocaust? How is antisemitism expressed today, and what are the main spheres in which it can be found?...

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Mar 19, 2023

A very good introduction to the issue of anti-semitism from biblical times to modernity. The course is well structured and well paced. I congratulate those who participated in the course.


May 17, 2020

Thoroughly enjoyable course that taught me so much and gave me a framework with which to examine anti-Semitism and hate speech in general. Great stuff!

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By Deleted A

Nov 18, 2023


By Moira D

Feb 18, 2023

I decided to take the course because of issues that were being raised during the course of the war in Ukraine and some of the rhetoric being used on both sides of the conflict - as well as some of the discussion revolving around Iran and Israel and their place in the conflict as well. It's a sign of how volatile this topic is that when I told a friend I was taking a course on anti-semitism she asked me cautiously if it was a course in favor of or against anti-semitism! I told her that I would not be interested in taking a course that tried to justify anti-semitism - but what I liked about this one was that it tried to explain what it was, why it existed and how it had evolved and changed over time. I particularly liked the survey nature of the course and that it covered the phenomenon of anti-semitism from its beginnings in the Graeco-Roman world to the modern era. Even when scholars spoke from a certain bias, it was also clear that they spoke out of a large base of knowledge on the area and were aware of the complexity of the definitions, issues and discussion around them. I also liked the bibliographies for further reading. My only real quibble - and I've had it with other Coursera courses - is that the grading mechanism left something to be desired. I was glad that this one didn't rely on multiple-choice questions, and opted for short answer and paragraph instead. But I was sad that none of the discussion work along the way counted towards the final grade. There was also a problem with the final exam asking students to only answer 4 of the 15 questions (though students could answer more if they wished for extra credit). But many of us then discovered that the system would not accept our exams unless we answered ALL of the questions observing the minimum word count in each. This needs to be fixed. Outside of this, I enjoyed the course and felt I got what I was looking for in it.


Sep 23, 2022

A good course overall. I think it is lacking in the 2000 year history to the present age and dont subscribe to all your conclusions. I also think the emphasis on legislation as a solution to antisemetism is short sighted and missses the mark. Nevertheless it is as i said a good course and something that should be required learning.

By Maria D

May 23, 2023

I loved the course: the content, the instructors, the debates, etc. It is very informative and self explanatory, as well as interesting.

The only thing was the final evaluation, they must fix the way it is graded. The instructions are to answer 4 of the questions, but then you get a bad grade even if the 4 answers are correct.


Aug 25, 2022

Good informative course content. Leads to a great understanding of Antisemitism.

Administration of course not so good. Final test instructions clear but not adhered to by testing center. Instructions called for 4 of 15 questions to be answered not all 15. Grading matrix virtually not existant. No max course grade listed.

By kamran a

May 21, 2024

good course but mark scheme for the end of course questionnaire is ridiculous.

By Lisa H

Oct 10, 2023

Enjoyed and learnt a lot.

By Benjamin G

Feb 22, 2024

The course had good material, but the marking system for the final exam is broken and has been for many years.

By Christopher P

Mar 24, 2024

The horrific peer review process with an antiquated way of submitting that Coursera refuses to fix, despite the clear glitches, detracted tremendously from this experience.

By Jephcott M

May 2, 2024

Great course material but the mechanics of the course, in particular the final grading, is totally unacceptable. Those of us who get top marks on the final have scores of around 25%. Despite many observations by other students nothing is being done. Moreover, despite having finished EVERYTHING I cannot get it to be assigned as COMPLETED> Please fix these issues.