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Behavioral genetic methodologies from twin and adoption studies through DNA analysis will be described and applied to address longstanding questions about the origins of individual differences in behavioral traits....

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Jun 13, 2019

This is a very interesting course. I've learned a lot and is helpful to understand how exactly genetics effects us and hat factors contribute to schizophrenia. Great course, would highly recommend!


Sep 12, 2018

It is an amazing course. After this course, my perspective towards genetics and psychology have changed. Many thanks to Professor Matt McGue. He has been one amazing guide, for the subject.

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By Samruddhi G

Jun 9, 2020

One of the finest courses available on Coursera! Proffesor Matt McGue is an excellent mentor who knows how to keep a class interesting. Would love to complete another course by him.

By Janet B

May 13, 2020

I liked listening to the teacher and thought his presentations were meaningful. The readings were helpful and not (frightfully) technical. The one thing about the course that needs addressing is that someone who knows the field needs to proofread the transcripts. I don't know if they were created by a transcriber or by computer, or some combination, but some curious things appeared. The funniest was "gene irritability" rather than "gene heritability." The word "elicit" was replaced often by "illicit," which in context made no sense. I first went through each transcript and edited out the goofy transcribing before listening to the lectures and following along in the transcript. I wondered how confusing the transcripts would be, therefore, to those for whom English is not a primary language. The transcription errors SHOULD BE FIXED, for the sake of those students. As an editor I know how simple the process is for cleaning this up, and as a psychologist/teacher I know how disheartening it can be for class members to find that printed material is inaccessible or misleading.

By Beatrice M

Jan 16, 2019

I learned many things in this challenging class. One thing I regret is that there is no correction after the test is passed. A brief explanation of why I was wrong would have helped me. Thank you very much to Professor McGue and his team!

By Olga

Jun 14, 2019

This is a very interesting course. I've learned a lot and is helpful to understand how exactly genetics effects us and hat factors contribute to schizophrenia. Great course, would highly recommend!

By Alise J

Nov 17, 2020

it was extremely interesting and offered a very wide insight in the topic. I especially liked the format of the lecture - as a personal conversation, that kept me engaged the whole time.

By Catherine J

Jul 26, 2020

The syllabus that was put together was very useful. I had a great time learning how psychology and genetics go hand in hand. Fascinated is the word I would love to use.

By Raed D

May 18, 2020

It's a very informative, exciting course. The last two or three weeks, at least in my point of view, are in depth and more details, which why I was a little lost in these weeks. Overall, I loved the course. Thank you professor.

By Thibaut H

Feb 4, 2024

Sir, I am very grateful to have been able to follow your course. Psychology has always seemed to me like a fascinating domain, even a crucial one in some ways, since it eliminates some of the darkness we're in, when it comes to understanding our peers, and you achieved to do exactly so. I feel like you have allowed me to widen my range of ideas and interpretations of reality (as you would have hoped to (cf 8F)) with your great sense of selecting your points, of transforming complex concepts into accessible knowledge, and with your brilliant ability of making us feel the importance, the stakes of all of the elements you mention. I can confidently assert that I come out of this experience with greater awareness, and a sharpened ability of critical thinking. Thank you very much for all, Best regards from France, Thibaut Hardouin

By Souvik D

Sep 25, 2020

Many many thanks to your Proffesor Matt McGue for such stupendous lectures on very basics of Behavioral Genetics. I'm very fortunate that I attended your classes through this platform and ofcourse a huge thanks to Coursera platform from me. Your course made the path for gaining knowledge about this environment-gene relation in shaping one's phenotypic behaviour and ofcourse I haven't ever thought that I would listen to very eminent personalities in the field like Tom Bouchard and Irving Gottesman. Supplimentary modules are truely very helpful and ofcourse office hours too. The quizzes are also interesting. Again thanks to you sir for enlightening me in the field and increasing my interest to know more and more about BEHAVIORAL GENETICS.


Jul 17, 2020

It’s a very good and interesting course for those interested in Behavioral Genetics. The topics were very well explained with examples form literature/research studies. Insight about how genetics (heritability), shared and non-shared environment have an influence on psychology/behavior of an individual. This course also gives knowledge about Genomic Medicine, Genetic Counseling and its application in the field of Behavioral Genetics in the near future. It is overall a very good course. Thanks to Professor Matt McGue for such a detailed and interesting course. It is really very helpful !!!

By Holger J

Oct 2, 2020

An excellent course! I took it after reading Robert Plomin in the hope to widen my understanding of Human Behavioral Genetics. Thanks everybody involved and especially Prof Matt McGue for the way he has presented the material in a way that it can be understood by laypeople or beginners in the field. I hope I can find something online so that I can continue even further.

--Holger Jacobsen - Quellenweg 2, 24988 Oeversee, Germany eMail: Phone +49 463 8899 1220 Mobile: +49 176 5572 9124

By Kamogelo M

Nov 29, 2020

Interesting course, it has changed my understanding of not only human but flora and fauna evolution as a whole. It helped consolidate some beliefs I had about myself and the people around me. I truly look forward to using this knowledge in future. I would like to thank every member of the University of Minnesota who helped make this course. I wish you continue doing the excellent service of teaching the public and changing our perspectives of what it means to be "human". I like your energy.

By Ajinkya B

May 19, 2020

Professor McGue had a wonderful method of explaining things. He made even the most difficult concepts very easy to understand. The inclusions of case studies particularly helped get the solid foundation of the concepts taught. The program was very well structured and the slides helped take notes. Prof. McGue's teaching method was so good that I without referring to my notes, I can still recall all the topics covered. I would be very interested to do other courses in behavioural genetics.

By Roxana T

Aug 12, 2020

The teacher of the course, Matt McGue, is a wonderful storyteller and has an impressive capacity to explain complex concepts into an accessible manner. While the course gets quite technical at times, I think it is still accessible for someone with no related background (my background is not medicine, genetics or psychology), but a keen interest in genetics. Thanks, Matt! I thoroughly enjoyed your course!

By Rosanne P

Sep 24, 2017

This course was very, very informative and was presented in a way that for those of us who have introductory knowledge of the area were able to follow along and learn significantly. It was so dense that it took more reflection and note taking than other courses I've taken, nevertheless, it challenged me and I feel all the more knowledgeable in the area. Thank you!

By Holly B

Jun 5, 2019

Great overview of human behavioral genetics and its implications for the future. I am a little sad that this course happened in 2014, because I'd love it to include all the findings since. Dr. McGue is a wonderful teacher (high praise from a fellow teacher) who clearly cares very much about the audience/students and his work for the course. Thanks for creating!


Jun 22, 2020

This course has really helped me to acquire knowledge about genetics really well.

I think everyone should do this course to get a good amount of info on basics as to why and how we're all same, different and most importantly what are the reasons for so.

I'd like to thank the Professor, the University of Minnesota and the Coursera Org for this opportunity. :)

By Grace C

Mar 2, 2017

Highly recommended. I loved the structure - I could watch a lecture every morning on my commute and do a bit of reading over my lunchtime. Matt McGue was a great lecturer who broke down complicated topics into easy to understand chunks. I'm a Psychology beginner but I got a lot out of this course and most of all I really enjoyed it. Definitely give it a go!

By Ricky V

Feb 28, 2017

This was a superb course. Very accessible for the non-specialist. Matt McGue is an excellent lecturer and very clear and conscientious about his subject. I feel I have a stronger grounding in behavioural genetics and am using much of the research in the classroom today. I would recommend this to anyone interested in the influence of genetics on behaviour.

By Dana S

Aug 21, 2017

"Introduction to Human Behavioral Genetics" was an extremely interesting and enlightening course. I have greatly enhanced my understanding of the field, and am motivated to further expand my understanding. I really appreciated the optional supplemental lectures, as they provided the option of learning about the topics at an enriched level.

By Victoria M

Aug 5, 2020

Many many thanks to Professor McGue and his colleagues for this delightful and thorough introduction to the field of behavioural genetics. I was so intrigued I couldn't stop myself, and made it through the course in about 3 weeks! Thanks a million for sharing this course and for making it so accessible. All the very best. Kind regards!

By Mateja V

May 8, 2020

Matt McGue is one of the best professors I have come across. Eloquent, full of knowledge, excellent lecturer, full of understanding, respect and desire for the course participants to learn as much as possible. Anyone interested in psychology should take this course - I don't know a better way to learn behavioral genetics than this

By Shachana J

Jul 4, 2021

I am a psychologist, but studying this course gave me completely a new perspective in accordance with genetics. I am more keen on understanding human behavior in light of genetics now. Course was taught in simple and understandable language even for a non-professional. I really had a great time learning a new field altogether.

By Ashwini U

Jul 24, 2020

By far the most enjoyable course I have undertaken on this platform so far. Professor McGue made every lecture an absolute joy to learn. Personally having a background in Genetics, I was introduced to a completely new perspective of this science and I am very grateful for it. A wonderful and challenging (in a good way) course.

By Helden N V G

Sep 28, 2020

This course provided me with highly valuable information. As a biology student, doing my thesis on genetics of mental disorders, knowing the background and deepening my knowledge on some topics has helped me to widen my perspective of the problem, specially regarding the psychologicall aspects, as it is a foreign area to me.