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Master of Advanced Study in Engineering Degree Preview
University of California, Berkeley

Master of Advanced Study in Engineering Degree Preview

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Joelle Miles
Tarek Zohdi

Instructors: Joelle Miles

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What you'll learn

  • Identify the environmental, economic, and social impacts of climate change in order to develop effective strategies and solutions for mitigation.

  • Describe recent innovation in the engineering of flying robots.

  • Evaluate the impact of new material used in transistor fabrication.

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April 2024


3 assignments

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There are 3 modules in this course

In this module, you'll learn about the Master of Advanced Study in Engineering degree program, and get your first "preview" of content from the course "Engineering a Net-Zero Carbon Future." Here's the module description from the course: "This module, tailored for individuals interested in the clean energy industry, serves as an essential introduction to the course. We delve into the obstacles encountered during the transition to clean energy, providing an overview of the challenges related to urbanization, air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, extreme events, climate equity & environmental justice, and the economic opportunities. As professionals in this field, it's critical to be aware of these challenges and understand their implications to develop innovative and sustainable solutions that address the pressing environmental and economic challenges of our time."

What's included

8 videos3 readings1 assignment

In this module, you'll preview content from the first module of the course "Flying Robots: from Small Drones to Aerial Taxis." Here's the module description from the course: "In this module, you will engage with a brief overview of the course, our objectives in the course, and the timeline. Additionally, you will also be introduced to the dynamic world of aerial robotics, exploring its historical evolution, practical applications, and recent technological innovations. Through a comprehensive journey from the past to the present, we will uncover the milestones that have shaped the trajectory of flying robots, examine their wide-ranging applications and industry significance, and delve into the cutting-edge engineering innovations that are propelling the field forward."

What's included

5 videos1 reading1 assignment1 discussion prompt

In this module, you'll preview content from the first module of the course "Techniques for Electronic Devices Fabrication." Here's the module description from the course: "In this module, we will be looking at integrated circuits, transistors, modern transistors, Moore’s Law, silicon wafers and industry trends."

What's included

10 videos3 readings1 assignment1 discussion prompt


Joelle Miles
University of California, Berkeley
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