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Since Antiquity, scholars have appreciated the importance of communication: as social beings, we cannot exist without communication. We need to interact with people around us, to make sense of the world and to position ourselves in a wider social and cultural reality. In this course, we look at how and why communication evolved as a science and reflect on today’s dominant paradigms. The course also extends beyond the boundaries of communication science itself, exploring dimensions of history, sociology and psychology. Join our class, together with people all over the world. Introduction to Communication Science explores some of the basic theories, models and concepts from the fields of mass, interpersonal and intrapersonal communication. The course begins with a consideration of several basic models, subsequently progressing to the history of communication theory, linear effect-oriented theories, the reception approach and, finally, exploring theories on the production and reinforcement of culture through communication. Upon completion of this course, students should: • have knowledge of the history and development of communication science; • have knowledge of the dominant theoretical approaches within communication science; • have knowledge and understanding of the most important models and concepts in this field. Beginning the week of February 16, 2015, you will be able to join Signature Track, a system that verifies your identity when you take an exam. This option will allow you to earn a Verified Certificate, which provides formal recognition of your achievements in the course and includes the University of Amsterdam logo. Before then, you can complete a “test run” of the exam. You can then re-take the exam after the Verified Certificate becomes available. For information regarding Verified Certificates, see"...

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Mar 4, 2020

It is wonderful course. I found that teaching methodology and exam every thing was perfect. My best wishes are for the Coursera as well university of Amsterdam for preparation of this useful course.


Feb 20, 2017

This course was incredibly delightful and very helpful, as a media and communication student, this course widened the information I had and helped me with my home university courses. Thank you!

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By Maria O

Dec 23, 2018

Great course structure, great professor. This was a very interesting and eye opening course for me, it's well explained and given with so much care of the information. Thank you so much.

By Lyuda S

Feb 21, 2017

This course was incredibly delightful and very helpful, as a media and communication student, this course widened the information I had and helped me with my home university courses. Thank you!

By Anastasiia V

Nov 22, 2020

This MOOC is very interesting and useful, it is a good start for people who want to get deeper into Communication Science in the future. However, this course is also for everyone who want just to broaden their horizons and acquire new knowledge in the field of media for themselves. Explanations of the material are made with cool pictures that is easy to follow. I really recommend this course.

By Tingxin Y

Feb 17, 2018

I love this lesson not only because I am interested in this scientific discipline but because the teaching method is fun and clear as well. Also, I like the illustrations! It gives us explicit outlines about the content. I would like to see more advanced lessons of communication of science in Coursera.

Thank you!

By Lucia H

Aug 9, 2016

An awesome course, very interesting and the teaching method was awesome. Loved the drawings presented, it made it a lot easier. Hope to be studying at this University in the future.

By Matt T

Jul 30, 2016

This is the first MOOC that I've taken and completed and it was very well put-together. Videos were of a reasonable length and interesting, and the quizzes were just challenging enough to test my learning and make me think. For anyone interested in the topic, I would recommend taking this course.

By Janna W

Aug 12, 2018

This is my first time to take courses online. When I completed the courses, I have a more comprehensive understanding of the development and theories of communication science. It really impressed me and I enjoy the class so much. Thank you for your great efforts to offer me such helpful classes!

By Swati C

Jun 16, 2020

Its the most wonderful course to be done by a student or academic of Communication discipline. You should have more courses on communication theories and culture and communication. Every bit of the course was a learning experience and exactly thought me why I took up communication as a subject.

By Yingqi H

Jun 17, 2020

It's really helpful! many theories and ideas about communication and media are shared in this MOOC! I like it~ If you're interested in this field, never hesitate to join this course~

By Bui T M C

Mar 18, 2017

It is an interesting and interactive course. I have learnt basic Communication science theories with a visual and understandable methods. Thank you so much for your great course!

By Nedyu Y

Jun 1, 2019

The course gives some basic overview, but personally could not see the benefit, consequently it was not very useful for me. Lector uses very theoretical and distant language, which makes the content kind of boring.

By Nick C

Dec 29, 2020

My first MOOC! Course content and delivery was excellent. Assessment, I feel, was not so great. I left my review at 5 stars becasue I anticipate multiple choice questions are simply a necessary evil of MOOCs rather than this particular course.

A little too much focus on Metaphors as a topic towards the end perhaps? I felt like I was suddenly answering questions for English Language study rather than communications... spotting the difference between a similie and a metaphor?

That said, this was an excellent example of what it claims to be - an introduction to communication science. I will be tracking down some of the texts from the super helpful nuance pages.

Many thanks!

By Douglas P

Jun 6, 2020

The content is interesting, and the instructor is top-notch. He explains very well, and all of his words are relevant, so you learn a lot in a short time. Make sure you concentrate when watching the videos, though, because it all matters. Also, the cartoons drawn for many of the lectures are instructive and entertaining. Each lecture is short, only 3-5 minutes, which is great for flexible study time. I've taken several MOOCs where lectures were 15 minutes long, and in comparison, the short videos help me focus, partly because I think they force the instructor to focus the content. This MOOC is slick, interesting, absolutely recommend.

By Natalja R

Jan 17, 2023

Absolutely amazing! And i am no talking about the information itself, which is interesting even if you have some knowledge of the subject, It helps to structure the information learned before. I am talking about how the presentation was made including sketch-style drawings. It's clear and simple and in the mean time it's entertaining. Nothing deal with old PP Times New Roman presentations (have nothing against it, but personally i find it boring). So as for me it's 5/5 both for the content and for the presentation.

By sohailmher123

Sep 14, 2023

The Course went at lightening speed. Too many terminologies, too many schools of thoughts. I recommend a single final presentation should be made for the refrence of content from which we go through. Leaned a lot but i am also concerned how long i would be able to retain that wonderful knowledge.


By Georgiana Z

Oct 17, 2015

Great! Concise and comprehensive at the same time! Exactly what an introductory class should offer you: a good presentation of the field and a healthy sense of curiosity.

By Mounir A

Jul 8, 2019

Great content, I would have loved more details and the exam to have less questions about memorized names. I want to register in another level 2 course as this mooc has sparked by interest in this science, especially how this science is used in our modern day world to control and manipulate opinions and events.

By Paul V d E

Sep 29, 2021

Very interesting course, well structured and presented. Theoretical concepts explained with practical examples. The surveys were not (no longer) accessible. What stood out for me was the "gatekeeper" concept, something that encouraged me to do some more reading on the topic.

By S. R

May 16, 2020

The best thing about this course is the graphics used in the lectures. The course was informative, of course. But the lectures were kind of boring and it's very difficult to pay attention when the teacher himself or herself seems distant and not interested. The worst thing is the distribution of the lectures. There was too much load per week. This clearly was an eight-week course! There is a quiz where none of the given options is correct! I tried them all but never had the correct answer.

Otherwise, I enjoyed learning the course, I got to know about new things. Thank you all.

By Friederike S

Mar 9, 2019

The content of the course is good for an introductory course. Sometimes important concepts are only briefly mentioned, while a lot of time is spent on less important things. Self-evaluation with the weekly quizzes is limited, because the given answers are hidden. You only know which question you got wrong, but not which was the wrong answer. This is completely useless, when the question was "Which statement is true" but the statements are not shown - How do you know which part you have to study more thoroughly?

By Navid N

Feb 13, 2016

While course uses a genie method for presentation the content, Quizzes are just made to accomplish one goal: to make sure you have memorized every small detail haven said in the course. Even if someone memorizes the details like specific names and dates, for how long he/she is going to keep it in mind? 2 days? On week?

By Sabina

Jun 14, 2020

It was one of the most unforgettable experiences I have ever had! I pursued two goals - to bring variety to my classes in EAPP program at ADA university and to get more insight into the profession my daughter has chosen. I was surprised to hear in the final video that it was Your first experience with MOOC. It was super-professional and crystal clear! I liked the format of the course, the dynamic, the style...I had the feeling that I have accomplished face-to-face course which I think is the greatest advantage of the course. With each video I was falling in love with the metaphoric language Teacher used. So, You can imagine my joy and excitement when I listened to the videos about metaphors in the field of communication and the examples with the vivid explanations.

Endless thanks! I am going to listen to the videos again and again. I am going to read my detailed notes as well. I am sure each time I will find some details that will serve as food for thoughts both for me and my students.

Massive thanks!

By Rocío M E L

Aug 27, 2015

Simplemente maravilloso, divertido y de alto nivel. El profesor y el equipo técnico estupendo, me encantó, sobre todo el cierre del curso que no había visto en otros MOOC. Las equivocaciones y las risas del profesor y equipo técnico demuestran el laborioso trabajo que tienen que hacer, al repetir y repetir las tomas, para que nosotros como alumnos podamos obtener un reconocimiento.

Esas risas y equivocaciones para mí serán innolvidables pues siempre tendré en cuenta el gran esfuerzo al momento de tomar otro MOOC.

Gracias, gracias y muchas más gracias a todo el equipo de la Universidad de Amsterdam.

By peter l

Aug 19, 2021

It is the first course I finished in COURSERA. As a undergraduate student from China, who are majoring in journalism and communication, learning the statements about this subject is more than attaining professional knowledge. What I want to say is that this online class really broaden my horizens and to some extent let me know more about the academia ofEnglish word. By the way, I aslo wanted to change the way how to practice English at the very beginning. It was just a try but so important and newbrand for me, although it was sometimes hard to get Monsieur RUTGER .

By Andrea N

Sep 26, 2015

Me encanta! me parece muy enriquecedor para mi aprendizaje, ya que nos enseña con mucha claridad los aspectos básicos de la ciencia de la comunicación. Ademas, cuenta con un excelente tutor, quien es muy claro a la hora de explicar los temas, para completar cuenta con mucho material didáctico, fuentes de información y enlaces que me ayudan a realizar un aprendizaje mucho mas profundo. Muchas gracias por darnos la oportunidad de poseer mas alternativas para educarnos, equipo de Coursera.