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About the Course

COURSE DESCRIPTION As one of four courses on Curanderismo, the art of Hispanic/Latino traditional medicine, this course focuses specifically on the use of plants in traditional healing. As an educational and cultural platform, this course will share the history, influences, and contributions of traditional medicine. Trained traditional healers will share their knowledge of the healing properties of plants commonly found in the Southwestern United States and Mexico through practical applications that can still be used today. Learners will not become certified traditional healers at the completion of this course but will be able apply basic principles or traditional medicine to approach health and illnesses. They will become familiar specifically with the use of plants for the digestive and nervous systems; how to prepare tinctures and microdosis for healing; how to use juice therapy and geotherapy (clay combined with plants) for treatments; and the use of herbal oils and herbal smoke for healing. Future Curanderismo courses include: Traditional Healing of the Body: Intestinal blockage empacho, firecupping ventosas, and hydrotherapy (healing with water) Traditional Healing of the Mind, Energy and Spirit: Sweatlodge Temazcal, Energetic/Spiritual cleansings Limpias, and Laugh therapy risaterapia. Global and Cultural Influences of Traditional Healing: African tradition, Afro Latino from Cuba and Puerto Rico, Native American spiritual cleansings and Mayan acupuncture. REQUIRED TEXTS Curanderismo: The Art of Traditional Medicine without Borders by Eliseo Torres Curandero: Traditional Healers of Mexico and the Southwest by Eliseo Torres with Imanol Miranda Where to buy: OPTIONAL TEXTS Curandero: A life in Mexican Folk Healing by Eliseo Torres & Tim Sawyer Healing with Herbs & Rituals: A Mexican Tradition, Eliseo Torres, edited by Tim Sawyer Where to buy:

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Dec 24, 2022

I absolutely enjoyed this course! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn and experience curanderismo online. I can't wait to see what other courses are available from Professor Cheo Torres.


Aug 6, 2023

The course was very informative and I enjoyed the personal anecdotes the instructors added to the course material. It is a great introduction to Curanderismo and other alternative healing methods.

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By Nathalia L B

Jul 7, 2020

En primera estancia considero que el curso no ofrece los recursos necesarios para poder llevar un estudio autónomo de la mano del propio curso, por ejemplo: Se cita un libro y capítulos que no se encuentra en Internet, el libro debe ser comprado y no todas las personas tienen la manera de adquirirlo. En segundo lugar creo que el curso no ofrece una base científica para que las personas que toman el curso entiendan al respecto y se sientan confiados de su veracidad (En este caso no tiene base o no ofrecer recursos que hablen acerca de la Botánica como tal), así que este trata simplemente de tradición que podría ser o no veraz. Teniendo esto en cuenta como un curso para conocer tradiciones Mexicanas es muy interesante, pero como un curso para aprender de medicina con plantas falta bastante material.

By Christina C

Apr 24, 2019

This is a good, yet bare-bones, intro to healing with plants through the practices of curanderism. The global and anthropological perspectives really add a lot to the course. Overall, I do suggest this course to others interested in alternative healing and still I would have liked more depth.

By Camila G

Jun 28, 2020

How can you attend yo course which does not upload the readings?? You have to buy a book which is not available in most of the countries, asl Latin America?

Really good idea but the worst course to take.

By Sylvia W

Nov 20, 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed the videos and readings and learned some new tips and tricks. The format was convenient to my study needs and style.

By Jelicia S

May 19, 2020

This class was so amazing and informative it helped me get back to my roots and the real power of natural healing. Thank you.

By Kamila Ś

Jun 22, 2020

A very interesting course, unfortunately no readings are provided, not even after buying the course.

By Margarito Z

Mar 22, 2019

Excellent course, a lot of help that strengthens the non-pharmacological treatment of some diseases and at the same time seeks the prevalence of curing by means of natural elements. Congratulations and many thanks for all that knowledge and inspiration that you have given me.

By Sierra H

Feb 9, 2019

Wonderful, enlightening course. The speakers were all so knowledgeable, and the information that presented has practical uses. I look forward to using what I learned to heal myself and others.

By Kalie A

Jul 27, 2020

This is a wonderful course to introduce the practice of curanderismo. I really enjoyed learning about the ways types of plants are used to aide in healing.

By Arlette

Dec 13, 2020

Thank You, Coursera! This is an excellent course to introduce the practice of curanderismo. Highly recommended!

Thanks, professor Cheo!!!


May 25, 2020

Thank you Coursera, for giving us an opportunity join ur free classes during the lockdown situtatons and for offering such Excellent courses online with certificate. i love traditional healing and i prefer to medicate with natural therapies and has a thirst for healing therapies like curanderismo. i enjoyed the whole course. A humble request, it would be nice if u could have provided the reading material as mentioned at the end of some weeks , which was not available.. i would be most grateful if you ppl can please mail us the reading materials at to my email . thankyou.

By Mark S

May 16, 2022

I love the inspiration and the knowledge that is being shared here. However, since I am auditing this class I am left with only an introduction, no reading and no way to learn anything else unless I pay for the course. I think it would be best to not offer the audit and just say pay or no way. Left hanging I am disappointed.

By Lucy L

Apr 19, 2020

This was an excellent course. I learned a great deal including the correct process and procedures for making tinctures and microdoses. I learned about cupping, healing with herbal oils and the use of herbal smoke for healing among other things.

By Victoria G

Jul 15, 2022

This course is an excellent introductory class to aquaint and re-aquaint oneself with the process of healing by utilizing the resources that surround us. Living along The Border impacts with the familiar realization that many populations do not have the currency for medicine and medical attention; in other cases, many do not trust the medicinal practices of professionals and thereby turn to a community advocate, a curandera/o, who will heal with natural remedies.

Thank you for the wealth of information; I am looking forward to the next class.

Victoria Gonzalez

By Eleni T

Jan 19, 2021

I feel grateful having accomplished this course! I am very that I had the opportunity to learn a few things about traditional healing methods about diferrent kind of plants with medicinal action. The teachers seem so nice people. They are very calm and zen making me believe that "well being" is a part of their life and not just a theory. The only part I didn' t enjoy is that I couldn't join the course live and try their healing methods! It's a relaxed, easy lesson which everyone can attend without needing previous knowledge.

By Diane P

Sep 29, 2021

Amazing! I learnt so much during this course! It is not only theory on traditional practices that I have learnt, but above all, techniques that are pragmatic and which I am able now, with a bit of practice, to experiment on my family and my friends for their well being and healing. Thank you soooo much for your generosity and for offering a course with such quality and so affordable! I feel so gratefull! It is a treasure! Thank you so much from France!

By Worm W

Dec 4, 2020

Top notch! I enjoyed CURANDERISMO: Traditional Healing Using Plants very much. It is an honor to have this knowledge, and i desire to practice and share it every waking moment. It would be a dream come true to join the in-person summer course to experience the the sharing of Energy. Thank you to all the knowledgeable presenters and to Dr. "Cheo" Torres.

By Daniella C

Aug 6, 2020

I enjoyed learning so much in the class and appreciated having the video with a demonstration that went more in-depth. I would recommend to anyone that's interested. also appreciate how they incorporated different culture's customs with the use of different plants to be used for healing.

By Mauro D

Sep 1, 2020

Great overview of curanderismo, with lots of input and lectures from practitioners. While the topics covered are broad (it is an introductory course, after all), the lecturers gave great detail and spoke of their own experiences. Grateful to have found and participated in the course.

By Deanna S

Dec 7, 2021

This was a great introduction into Curanderismo. If you are wondering whether you would like to pursue natural healing techniques, this course is a great way to dip your toes in. Thank you to the Curanderos who shared wisdom in this course.

By Barbara J

Jan 16, 2019

A wonderful combination of cultural anthropology, cultural appreciation, botany and adjuvant therapies. The only drawback to this course is that it makes you want to travel to New Mexico so you can complete additional, in person training.

By Michelle G

Feb 24, 2019

I was able to audit this course and really enjoyed it. The coursework was doable considering I'm a mom of two little ones and work full time. I appreciated the variety of presenters and look forward to the next module. Thank you!

By Sam L

Jan 26, 2021

Thank you Dr. Torres and all the healers for such a wonderful course. I have learned so much in such a short time. I recommend this course 100% to anyone seeking knowledge on traditional healing with plants.

By Joseph R

Dec 25, 2022

I absolutely enjoyed this course! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn and experience curanderismo online. I can't wait to see what other courses are available from Professor Cheo Torres.

By Kimberly N

Aug 7, 2023

The course was very informative and I enjoyed the personal anecdotes the instructors added to the course material. It is a great introduction to Curanderismo and other alternative healing methods.