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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Cybersecurity for Everyone by University of Maryland, College Park

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About the Course

Cybersecurity affects everyone, including in the delivery of basic products and services. If you or your organization want to better understand how to address your cybersecurity, this is the course for you and your colleagues to take -- from seasoned professionals to your non-technical colleagues. Your instructor, Dr. Charles Harry, has served on the front lines with the NSA (National Security Agency) and as an expert advising corporate and institutional leaders on managing cybersecurity risk. And he brings a rare and engaging perspective to help you learn cybersecurity from the ground up. Cybersecurity for Everyone lays the groundwork to understand and explore the key issues facing policy makers attempting to manage the problem of cybersecurity, from its technical foundations to the domestic and international policy considerations surrounding governance, privacy, and risk management, to applications for achieving the goals of an enterprise, an institution, or a nation. This course is designed for students with some or no background in information technology, whether a novice or active in the cybersecurity field (engineers and computer scientists will learn the broader context and business aspects of cybersecurity), and will provide the principles to understand the current debates shaping a rapidly evolving security landscape....

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Mar 22, 2023

To good explanation clear all doubts about Cybersecurity

Prof. has good knowledge and communication skills..He explains all needful very politely

Thank you Professor Charls Harry...👍👍


Feb 23, 2023

Covers all the broad topics of cybersecurity introduction topics. Great for anyone is eager to learn new topic and for those who are beginning their journey in cybersecurity profession.

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Oct 17, 2022

After Completing a course it is asking to pay for certificate

By Ongun A

Jan 3, 2023

Cybersecurity for Everyone is a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their understanding of cybersecurity and protect themselves and their organizations from online threats.

By Janraidul T

Feb 23, 2023

Covers all the broad topics of cybersecurity introduction topics. Great for anyone is eager to learn new topic and for those who are beginning their journey in cybersecurity profession.

By Gheian A

Aug 19, 2021

This course is very informative and clear to understand. I learned a lot especially securing machines and identifying attacks from hackers. Thank you!

By Divya s P

Sep 19, 2023

It is a useful and safe educational app. Reset of deadlines is one of the advantage of using coursera. It's a trustworthy app regardind security and explanation. We can also make notes.

By Jan P C

Jul 30, 2022

Excellent Course by Professor Charles Harry. Does cover the concepts of Cyber security including the Final Project. Perfect for anyone who wants to get a knowledge of Cybersecurity

By Nick C

Feb 11, 2022

Really enjoyed the course. Interesting, especially the unit on Hacking. However, the final assignment was so difficult. It was only a general cybersecurity course.

By Sarah R

Nov 30, 2022

It took several months to get my grade reviewed and I got failed because I didnt understand the instructions. I didn't receive any notice of it either. After the garbage instruction experience with the google program, Im cancelling my account.

By Ayebatari I

Jul 10, 2022

This course is a very nice one. The lecturer was good and the project was a nice way to help students understand the nitigrity of cybersecurity. In all the course is an excellent one.

By Arvin S

Feb 9, 2022

Charlels Harry is very very good in explaining. I had to put the video to 1.25x because i can undertand what he was saying clearly. This course will make you understand how a network is attacked. It's not like you see in movies, a nerd sitting in a basement and lots of numbers scrolling like matrix in from of him. Hacking takes time and always remember the kill chain. This course introduce you to the kill chain. How do you defeat the kill chain? After finishing this course you will understand how to defeat the kill chain.

By Ervin F

Dec 26, 2022

Wasn't prepared for the presentation at the end, it seemed out of place. Also the CIA triad is Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (not Accessibility) as listed by the instructor. Was able to answer the question based upon deduction, but it is a bit odd. Otherwise a great course.

By Jeff N

Mar 14, 2022

Very interesting and relatable, especially with world events at this time. Instructor was very easy to listen to and comprehend the subject matter


Feb 13, 2022

Good course all important things about cybersecurity "winzipped" at one time

By 505_Hemanth N

Jun 23, 2023

the cource is free but certificate is too cost .I am not satisfied 😔

By Brent W

Jan 29, 2023

Professor Charles Harry's Instruction was great! Easy to follow and really great introduction into cybersecurity. Would like to take a few more courses from him if available. Thanks!

By Ugonna K U

Mar 17, 2023

Very Interesting and fun course.

Special shoutout to Professor Charles Harry.

His teaching is very awesome and audible.

Glad i learned so much from this course.

Thank You!

By Ritesh K

Sep 3, 2021

It was my second course in Cybersecurity from Coursera . I found many things new in this course . I enjoyed this course.

By Lookman O Y

Sep 30, 2021

A very good starting point to understand Cybersecurity.


Jul 13, 2023

my name didnt show on the certificate

By Postelniak A

May 1, 2022

This is a very good course for complete beginners that provides basic knowledge in the field of cybersecurity. The instructor explains everything from scratch. The final course project is a bit challenging but if you take some time to complete it, it will solidify knowledge gained during the course.

By Tan M J

Sep 14, 2022

Prof Charles Harry is clear and concise in his delivery, with well-thought out topics to give learners a good foundation on the topic of cybersecurity and issues associated with it.

By Perin P

Mar 28, 2022

Thank you Dr Charles for your tines and Knowledge you are sharing with us. In the student's name i would like to say you thank you very much...

By Claudio P M R

Feb 18, 2022

Very good course for obtaining a general knowledge about cybersecurity.

By Bashir Z

Jan 16, 2022

ineed certificate


Jul 16, 2023

course was good but why is there not my name on certificate? Why is it "Coursera learner". Very disappointed feels like i wasted my time