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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Designing, Running, and Analyzing Experiments by University of California San Diego

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About the Course

You may never be sure whether you have an effective user experience until you have tested it with users. In this course, you’ll learn how to design user-centered experiments, how to run such experiments, and how to analyze data from these experiments in order to evaluate and validate user experiences. You will work through real-world examples of experiments from the fields of UX, IxD, and HCI, understanding issues in experiment design and analysis. You will analyze multiple data sets using recipes given to you in the R statistical programming language -- no prior programming experience is assumed or required, but you will be required to read, understand, and modify code snippets provided to you. By the end of the course, you will be able to knowledgeably design, run, and analyze your own experiments that give statistical weight to your designs....

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Nov 17, 2020

One of the best courses I have taken in relation to UX. Very good design, engaging lectures and examples, and well designed exams. I learned alot and enjoyed listening to Dr. Webbrock. Kudos to him.

Nov 28, 2020

Great course.\n\nHighly recommended. It was very clear and I'm very thakful because there were many subjects I only understood partially before this course but are now very clear to me.

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By Yiqi H

Oct 23, 2016

Love it! A lot of important concept, algorithm and codes learned.

By Rajkumar R

Jul 8, 2020

The course is really useful for the designer of experiments

By Deepak S

Jun 21, 2020

excellent course one of best in HCI on whole internet....

By Jacky ( H Z

Feb 10, 2019

Great course. You explained the topics very clearly!

By Ghaffar A

Jan 29, 2017

Very nice course, at them same time challenging

By zhuhaining

Oct 10, 2016

Great course, my advisor recommended to me!

By Мельнікова Р

Oct 1, 2016

Quite hard, advanced, but rewarding course.

By Cyril M

Mar 1, 2018

Very good lesson: good way to learn R

By Shubo L

Aug 27, 2020

Very useful course! Recommend it!

By Julien E

Jul 7, 2017

Excellent course! Great teacher!

By Maisa D

Aug 8, 2018

Really hard, but really great!

By Pablo P G

May 24, 2017

Is a wonderful course!!!

By Yilun L

Aug 3, 2019

Well structured course!

By Thomas L

Jul 11, 2017

This is a great course!

By Sharath K P

Mar 23, 2016

This course is good.

By Alex_G

Aug 13, 2017

Very useful!!!

By Gloria Z

Jul 28, 2017

great course

By yashar k s

Oct 4, 2016

Best Course

By Rigoberto J M A

Oct 26, 2016


By Nicolas D G N

Jul 18, 2017


By Dario F

May 28, 2017

This course was a hard course, probably the hardest from the whole specialization. Very technical, sometimes even troubleshooting R Studio would take an hour of researching through online forums to try to get the right plugins and work random issues with the software and follow along. Stats background and coding background were really helpful personally, I'm not sure if I could have completed it without that. Definitely needs dedication and extra hours a week to complete. Aside from that, the professor is clear and knowledgeable, and the tests are directly extracted from the materials reviewed each week. I suggest taking notes while watching the video to refer back during the tests.

By Natalie A

Apr 30, 2016

I found this course hard, but very rewarding. R is a tool which I see more and more frequently on job postings so I'm grateful for having had an introduction into the syntax and the tool. My only issue with the course was that, as this wasn't a programming course and was just an introduction into the tool, I had no way of troubleshooting problems when I had error messages or my answers were incorrect. I struggled to know how to fix my test answers when they were wrong and had to re-do most of the analyses until I got different answers.

That being said, the course materials were excellent and have provided a brilliant grounding into the tool which I'm sure to use into the future.

By Winnie C

Aug 29, 2019

I do see and understand other students frustrations sometimes when the code isn't working. R is not really a beginner friendly coding environment but I think all the parametric and non-parametric testing methods I learned in this course were overall valuable. This is also a difficult topic to teach within the amount of time given. I think Jacob did a good job. Sometimes, I think the difficulty comes from the quizzes, and if the video lecture can have more examples to walk me through, it would been a better experience.

By Angeline P

Apr 26, 2016

This is a really well-run course. The lecturer explains complex topics in a very simple way and is obviously very passionate about his subject. He is also far more engaged in discussions than any other lecturer. Unfortunately tis a total mismatch in the Interaction Design specialisation. We need to know what results mean and how to use them, we don't need to be able to calculate them to this level of detail ourselves. This should be pitched at a much much higher level for it to be a useful part of the specialisation.

By Renee

Apr 12, 2018

R is the hardest course for me for the whole Interaction Design Course so I went back to learn statistics from 0 at Khan Academy and came back to code R. I feel so accomplished when I passed all the tests! I think the course is well-explained but would like it better if it can offer some recommendations at the beginning of the course about 'must-know knowledge' (i.e. basics of statistics) for students coming from art background.