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In recent decades, international law has undergone a series of major developments in order to accommodate the many new facets of freshwater management and protection. The adoption of universal, regional and basin instruments highlights how important it is to study the evolution of international water regulations and to be able to identify the main principles in this field. This course aims to provide the necessary background to understand and examine the regulation applicable to transboundary freshwaters especially to rivers, lakes and aquifers. It presents the principles and legal standards that govern the use, sharing, management and protection of these resources. The MOOC is made up of 5 modules. As each module addresses a different theme, they can be viewed in any order. However, the modules do follow a certain pedagogical logic and following in order will be especially helpful to those who are new to the subject. Each module is accompanied by an evaluation questionnaire or quiz. A certificate will be awarded to students who obtain an average of at least 80% in the quizzes. By the end of this course, you will be able to: 1) Describe the issues related to the regulation of transboundary freshwaters; 2) Explain how transboundary freshwater regulations have evolved; 3) Recall and interpret the key principles governing water resource regulation; 4) Understand the role of transboundary freshwater dispute settlement mechanisms in the development of international freshwater law (or to understand the role of international courts and tribunals in the resolution of conflicts) This MOOC was developed by the Platform for International Freshwater Law that is part of the Geneva Water Hub, assisted by the MOOC Team of the University of Geneva. Alongside the researchers and teachers of the Platform, several international experts have also participated. This MOOC is one of three courses supported by the Water Hub Geneva and the University of Geneva. The other MOOCS are "Water Management and Policy" ( and "Ecosystem Services: a method for sustainable development "( The Global Water Program of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) has funded this course. This MOOC was originally created in French. It has English subtitles....

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Jul 3, 2020

This coarse will give you a basic overview of Laws and mechanisms to resolve trans-boundary water disputes. Knowledge regarding issues and case studies related to ground water and fresh water.


Mar 18, 2018

This course really helps for all the legal field person specially for those who wish to build their career in ENVIRONMENTAL LAW not only at domestic but at also international level.

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By Jegan r J

Apr 21, 2020

really helpful

By Poliane m a

Oct 1, 2020

Thank you...

By Elijah A

Sep 29, 2020

great indeed

By Hrishikesh G

May 21, 2020



Apr 13, 2019

Very Good!

By Hyunjong C

Aug 29, 2022

very good

By Fazna N

Jul 14, 2020



Apr 12, 2018


By Mehmet y G

Oct 9, 2020


By Bint e z

Sep 20, 2021


By Sohan L B

Jun 28, 2020



May 27, 2020


By Prasanna V S

Jan 2, 2022

with a view to gaining some wider insights into infrastructure /dispute settlement related matters, particularly on water bodies. These have been the subject of jurisdictional onflict within countries.I realise that the principles and process of settlement, preservation, development etc related to the international bodies could apply just as easily to such matters, if the individual country chooses to adopt them. My objectives were met. What may have been helpful is a slight detailing or summary of the individual cases cited throughout the course, maybe even as an optional read. Alternatively suggested additional reading urls (okay, I admit I can probably do this anyway and probably am being lazy about it!). The translations into English weren't a problem for me with transcripts being extremely useful to take the content at my own pace. Thanks to all faculty and the support staff who worked on this.

By Christi P S

Jan 5, 2022

This was an extremely effective introductive course to the theory and application of International Water Law. The learning material was not too complex and avoided getting into intricate details of the cases and principles discussed. Accordingly, I believe makes the course is ideal for novices, though it could be argued that the lack of depth makes it not so appealing to those looking to gain an extensive understanding. The lectures are in French but there are English transcripts that are well translated - I do not know French well enough to solely rely on the lectures, so I just read these transcripts and treated them as reading exercises. Certain articles and legal texts are also provided, alongside additional reading suggestions.

By Axel R S

Jul 8, 2020

The MOOC has very detailed information about the history and current development of International Water Law; the only thing I would say about it is that an academic video should have structured and organized information in a fluid and easy to perceive way, it is not a speech, it is a summarized class. This course does not have that and this complicates the task of absorbing information a bit.

By Pierre V

Sep 18, 2019

Très bon cours. Cependant, les séquences sont souvent inégales. Si toutes sont équivalentes en terme de temps (de 8 à 12 minutes, plus ou moins), certaines sont bien plus denses en informations capitales que d'autres. Pour le reste, les enseignants sont clairs et les vidéos sont agréables à suivre.

By Claudia V R

May 18, 2021

Me pareció un curso muy completo pues daba tanto información como ejemplos que dejaban en claro como la ley internacional del agua ha evolucionado con los años. Sin embargo, debo mencionar que se debe mejorar en las traducciones de los videos.

By Eugène P P N M

Feb 24, 2021

Le présent cours est d'une importance capitale pour tout citoyen du monde et il est très bien articulé par les enseignants et professionnels du Droit international de l'eau douce.

Merci infiniment.

By Karunalaya P T V

Jun 26, 2020

An interesting course on international water law. For me, this is a new area of study and I would be interested to learn how this law is applied in different parts of the world.

By M A E

Jun 7, 2020

very insightful course, but wouldve been better if it was at least english dubbed. So 5 stars the course along with the lecturers and 3 stars to the platform.

By Kshitij A

Apr 12, 2020

Good learning and sharing of informtion in lucid language. Perhaps could share some of the actual case arguments or passages as supplementary information too.

By Beata E K

May 26, 2020

I recommend the course although English translations beg some improvements as some parts are hardly understandable.

By manish a

May 27, 2022

It is amazing to get such quality content. Only slight limitation was language barrier. However, very good data.

By Aryan C

May 19, 2020

the course was good, but if the videos would have been English translated, it would have been even better.