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Approx. 25 hours to complete
Subtitles: English, Arabic
Shareable Certificate
Earn a Certificate upon completion
100% online
Start instantly and learn at your own schedule.
Flexible deadlines
Reset deadlines in accordance to your schedule.
Approx. 25 hours to complete
Subtitles: English, Arabic

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Week 1

6 hours to complete

Answering "Tell Me About a Time..." Questions

6 hours to complete
6 videos (Total 52 min), 12 readings, 5 quizzes
6 videos
Using the S.T.A.R. Response Strategy9m
A Specific Situation Where You Failed7m
A Past Accomplishment You're Proud Of7m
How You Handle Conflict at Work6m
Communicating Benefits10m
12 readings
An Example Competency Catalog10m
Supervisor's Guide to Behavioral Interviewing10m
Help Us Make Better MOOCs10m
Interview Preparation Questions - Behavioral10m
Interview Preparation Questions - Traditional10m
An Effective Preparation Technique10m
Language Practice10m
A Portrait of Excellence10m
Characteristics of Successful Innovators10m
Innovation Lessons from Steve Jobs10m
Global Trends10m
Behavioral Interview Practice Task10m
4 practice exercises
Concept Review12m
Concept Review10m
Language Quiz14m
Concept Check20m

Week 2

4 hours to complete

Answering "What If..." Questions

4 hours to complete
5 videos (Total 37 min), 6 readings, 2 quizzes
5 videos
Communicating Your Personal Values8m
The P.R.E.P. Response Strategy8m
The Pros vs. Cons Response Strategy6m
The 5W's Response Strategy6m
6 readings
Answering "What If..." Questions10m
Character Trumps Credentials10m
Situational Interview Questions10m
Wild-Card Interview Questions10m
Interview Question Generator10m
Situational Interview Practice Task10m
1 practice exercise
Language Quiz30m

Week 3

4 hours to complete

Answering "What is Your Biggest Weakness?"

4 hours to complete
4 videos (Total 29 min), 3 readings, 3 quizzes
4 videos
Showing Strength in Discussing Weaknesses7m
Softening Negative Information7m
Emphasizing Positive Information4m
3 readings
Guidance in Answering the Question10m
Practicing for the Weakness Question10m
How Non-Native Speakers Can Crack the Glass Ceiling10m
2 practice exercises
Concept Review6m
Hedging Language Quiz32m

Week 4

6 hours to complete

Handling the End of the Interview

6 hours to complete
6 videos (Total 44 min), 8 readings, 3 quizzes
6 videos
Five Questions to Ask at Every Interview8m
Questions You Should Never Ask4m
Closing the Interview6m
Negotiating the Best Deal - Part I5m
Negotiating the Best Deal - Part II10m
8 readings
10 Most Common Mistakes10m
Questions to Ask - Cheat Sheet10m
Questions to Ask Yourself after Every Interview10m
Global Salary Forecast10m
Fearless Salary Negotiation10m
Forms of Compensation10m
Salary Research Sites10m
Rules for Negotiating a Job Offer10m
1 practice exercise
Questions to Ask of an Interviewer16m



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About the Interviewing and Resume Writing in English Specialization

This specialization will help you develop the English language strategies and communication skills you need to advance in your professional career. Whether you already have a successful career and are looking to move forward, whether you’re looking to change careers, whether you’re starting out in the world of work, or whether you’re coming back into the world of work after some time away – if you believe in working for more than a paycheck, then this specialization will help you. The core courses cover preparing for a successful job search, including self research and research of the job market and industries of interest; strengthening your interview skills by recognizing what hiring managers are looking for and taking steps to prepare for the types of tough questions today's premier companies use; and preparing a resume, cover letter and supporting business documents. The capstone will allow you to apply the skills you learn in this specialization to your own job search. A key benefit of this specialization is the opportunities you'll have to practice your interviewing skills with other job-seekers from around the world. You’ll give them feedback and they’ll give you feedback. In this process, you’ll gain new insight into what makes a speaker successful and you’ll gain confidence in your English interviewing skills....
Interviewing and Resume Writing in English

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