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About the Course

It is often claimed that relativism, subjectivism and nihilism are typically modern philosophical problems that emerge with the breakdown of traditional values, customs and ways of life. The result is the absence of meaning, the lapse of religious faith, and feeling of alienation that is so widespread in modernity. The Danish thinker Søren Kierkegaard (1813-55) gave one of the most penetrating analyses of this complex phenomenon of modernity. But somewhat surprisingly he seeks insight into it not in any modern thinker but rather in an ancient one, the Greek philosopher Socrates. In this course created by former associate professor at the Søren Kierkegaard Research Centre, Jon Stewart, we will explore how Kierkegaard deals with the problems associated with relativism, the lack of meaning and the undermining of religious faith that are typical of modern life. His penetrating analyses are still highly relevant today and have been seen as insightful for the leading figures of Existentialism, Post-Structuralism and Post-Modernism....

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Jul 03, 2018

An excellent course on Kierkegaard's use of irony. The teacher is great and the lectures are very interesting. I loved the interviews and the views of Copenhagen. Thanks a lot. Greetings from Madrid!


Aug 30, 2016

Really worthwhile and informative, in-depth review of Kierkegaard as a person, his life, and his works. Can be taken even if you've never touched philosophy before. Great production and selections.

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By Michael V

Dec 28, 2015

Excellent overview of Kierkegaard. Kierkegaard's own writing, approached on its own, can be nigh-impenetrable but the lectures really help in figuring out how to approach Kierkegaard's writing.

By Márcio M R

Jan 13, 2019

Prezados amigos e amigas do Curso

Søren Kierkegaard - Subjetividade, Ironia e a Crise da Modernidade

Universidade de Copenhagen

Quero deixar aqui registrado meu profundo agradecimento por mais este excelente trabalho desenvolvido pela Universidade de Copenhagen, ministrado, com muita profundidade, pelo professor Jon Stewart, ex-professor associado do Centro de Pesquisas Søren Kierkegaard e recomendado pelo chefe de Estudos da Faculdade de Teologia da Universidade de Copenhagen, Carsten Selch Jensen. Agradeço à toda equipe do Coursera por mais um curso de extrema relevância para o atual cenário educacional brasileiro. Estou muito satisfeito com esta nova oportunidade de ampliação deste ecossistema de aprendizagem, promovendo novas possibilidades de conexão com os excelentes conteúdos da Universidade de Copenhagen.

Muito obrigado pela valiosa oportunidade!

Forte Abraço!

Márcio Monteiro Rocha

By steven d c

Apr 28, 2020

This course was the perfect opening into my next endeavor of understanding polemics. I was interested in Jay Gould's view of the Non overlapping Magisteria, and I see now that science, philosophy and religion all have the same contradictions and misunderstandings which are all open up the static thinkers and sophists to challenge our faith, reason, and logic. Kierkegaard's conceptual framework of mediating techniques by autonomous individual personalities, rising up out of the fray, in contrast to dogmatic, conventual and doctrinal followers such as the sophists and materialists. These courageous believers like Jay Gould are not the first to understand the progressive flow of meanings and values when we rely on our personal experience rather adopting the abstracts ideas of others.

By James C

Dec 21, 2015

The "how this is meaningful to you" message felt a little odd and sometimes a little insulting. Still, a very special thanks to Dr. Stewart and anyone else responsible for sharing this material.

By Smorzando

Nov 14, 2019



By Juan E M C

Sep 20, 2020

The course provides a well-documented guide to Kierkegaard's thought, both by the professor's video, and the lists of readings.

About the videos, they are well-built, the explanations are easy to follow, and it is quite a remarkable thing that the professor moves through Kierkegaard's city as he explains it all, showing us the places in which the history that is being told takes place.

About the readings, it would be easy to just enumerate the main books and order the student to read them all, but, in the course, the professor selects specific extracts important to a basic understanding of Kierkegaard's influences, thought, and vital trajectory. The list of readings is carefully planned.

My congratulations to professor Jon Stewart and his team, and my sincere gratitude.

By Robert R

Jul 10, 2020

The course material was very well organized and the book that went with the course was excellent. In this course I gained a deeper appreciation of the life and teachings of Kierkegaard, Socrates, and the role of irony in their life and teachings. Rarely do I encounter an author or religious teacher that I know I will be studying for the rest of my life, but Kierkegaard is one such author. I cannot claim to grasp everything at this time (perhaps never will) but I do feel a sense of anticipation in the discovery of new insights as I pursue his writings in greater depth on my own. I hope to try to learn his technique and apply it in my own life, but have no idea if this is really possible. Thank you for creating this course.

By Nikita S

Jun 22, 2020

I would like to thank everyone who has hand one's hand in this course for very attractive, lively and interesting material. I believe, this has been a great deal of luck for me to finally find this course, as I have finally found some material which would examine the Kierkegaardian thought in all its colours and shades. I am sure this shall not be an allegory to say that I have obtained some new insights on the questions regarding subjectivity, relativism and their place in modernity of any age. And of course, those insights, I suppose, would be much helpful should I take further examination of matters like mentioned before

By Matthew O

Dec 31, 2019

While there were times in the video presentations that resulted in awkward long pauses, or unnecessary introductions with no speaking, the course itself was captivating. I took the class more on a whim than a legitimate interest, but I discovered so much about Kierkegaard and his writing that interested me. As the "godfather" of existentialism, it's important to know where the philosophers I'm interested in started from, who inspired them, and who inspired a lot of the questions and perspectives that informed their own writings. I would gladly recommend this course to anyone.

By Azmi K

Sep 27, 2019

Excellent course on philosophy. Prof Stewart's effort to portray Kierkegaard with his life, his works, his ties with the Socratic method was outstanding. This was an exceptional chance to get acquainted with Denmark's Golden Age, Kierkegaard and his philosophical teachings. The course triggered me to reassess today's complex issues with a freshened view on modernity, subjectivism and the concept of "irony". Future attenders should be aware that the final essay is, though very beneficial, time consuming to prepare. Kudos to Prof Stewart and his staff.

By David B

Oct 22, 2017

Absolutely terrific course, the best one I've taken on Coursera. Prof. Stewart is a top-notch lecturer and each lecture occurs in a different location that was significant to the topic. The provided materials were extremely useful and the discussion questions and quizzes helpful in bringing out what we learned. While it is not required in any way, I would highly recommend purchasing Prof. Stewart's companion book, which really helped me learn the material. I would recommend this course without reservation.

By Jhoan S D G

Jan 13, 2019

It's a great course on Kierkegaard. He really is very guiding about the importance of this thinker, as the father of contemporary existentialism, his rescue of Socrates, his struggle against the Danish church, his incursion into individualism without neglecting social conditions. In addition, Jon Stewart is well known within the interpretive field of Kierkegaard. It is worth taking the course. The exams are a bit lax, but the final paper proposes an interesting topic, which broadens the discussion.

By Michelle B

May 08, 2017

I found that entering into Kierkegaard's thought and writing, which can be difficult, was made much easier and relevant to our times by approaching it through Kierkegaard's understanding of Socrates. The video lectures by Professor Stewart were very, very helpful. They were mostly just "talking head" videos in settings in Copenhagen where Kierkegaard himself had lived and worked. I appreciated that they contained no cute animations or otherwise distracting content.

By Flor d M V

Mar 09, 2018

I truly enjoyed this course. I learned much more about irony and how Socrates' use of it was interpreted by Kierkegaard. It was good to learn about his contemporaries & his opinion of them as well. Really enjoyed the speakers and the settings the lectures were given in. Furthermore, the guest lecturers were also insightful and erudite. The course was presented in a way that allowed you to reflect on how Kierkegaard's works and ideas still impact society today.

By Guy S

Feb 23, 2017

I greatly enjoyed the depth of this course. Like a good philosophy course, it requires time and concentration, and it's definitely worth the investment. Prof. Stewart has an impressive knowledge of the intricacies of Kirkegaard's life and works (and their contexts) and presents it in a structured and clear manner.

I especially enjoyed the frequent reflections on the relevance of these ideas to our modern lives.

By Rohit M

Mar 06, 2019

This is one of the best MOOCs, I have came across over the years. Prof. Jon Stewart has made it lively by connecting the history of Copenhagen with the modern city. It feel like that the study is happening in and around the city. I really enjoyed the idea of outdoor lectures. The team has chosen these outdoor locations very carefully, which adds a value to the course. Thank you all for your hard work! :)

By Ethan F

Jun 23, 2020

This was my first online course but it was exceptional. Jon Stewart really made the most of the medium: you aren't stuck in a lecture hall, you are on a tour of Copenhagen, observing where Kierkegaard spent his life.

The content of the course itself was amazing and has enriched both my academic appreciation of Kierkegaard and my understanding of truth in my day to day life. Could not recommend more!

By Arlind

Jul 16, 2016

Great course. Very elegantly put together into three-piece modules. Treats the thought of Kierkegaard in both philosophical and historical accounts. Readings are clear and match the accompanying lectures closely. Highly recommend to anyone interested in Philosophy, Continental Philosophy, Religion or just curious about Kierkegaard's thought. So far the best philosophy course I've taken on coursera!

By Brooklyn H

Mar 30, 2016

The lecturer was excellent and not only expounded in depth, Soren Kierkegaard's thinking and ideas, he put them into there relevant context in addition to delving into the differences he had with his contemporary thinkers. Furthermore the Professor asked thought provoking questions that allowed the viewer to think and reflect how Kierkegaard's ideas are relevant in our time and our lives.

By Diego M

Mar 06, 2016

Beautiful description of the life, times, ideas, and love of Socrates that Kierkegaard embodied. A real joy to run through. I literally watched all the lectures in the span of three days, there is something simple and earnest about the course that I really like. I like that the quizzes never took away from the lesson, they only check understanding at the end of the lecture.

By Fernando B

Apr 26, 2020

I take many courses in coursera but this is the first course where the class and the beautifull of the city of Denmark is showed. The tone of the teacher is relaxing, precise and enjoyable. I like the invertiews and the diverse local that he explore to teach about Kiekegaard. I just love this philosophy class. I see all the videso s three times.

By Howard C J

Apr 19, 2016

Very informative, educational and well=organized. The professor communicates the lesson clearly and effectively in maintaining one's interest in the course content. I recommend this course to anyone interested in learning about subjective truth, how to be self-seeking, the Socratic Method, and a unique method for challenging traditional thought.

By Calvin E

Feb 14, 2018

I thought the course was well planned, very informative and organized. Gave me a lot of insight to the back ground and message of a very bright yet puzzling philosopher.

Jeg troede, at kurset var godt planlagt, meget informativt og organiseret. Gav mig en masse indsigt i baggrunden og budskabet til en meget lysende, men forvirrende filosof.

By tuna e

Aug 24, 2020

I took this course as a companion when reading Kierkegaard's pseudonymous works and my God, it was so useful. This is one of the best courses Coursera has to offer, I dare say. I would gladly keep learning if this course was hundreds of hours long. Thank you Prof. Stewart for providing this amazing course and your excellent teaching style.

By Andrea R

May 07, 2017

I really enjoyed this course and learning more about Kierkegaard's life and his works and philosophy, as well as how he is still relevant in our modern-day society. The links to his works and that of Socrates were very invaluable and helped paint the picture of what Kierkegaard was trying to accomplish. Very enjoyable, and very relevant.