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Team leads, managers, and entrepreneurs must juggle team citizenship and leadership, ethics, strategy, and projects with their work in their area of expertise. While an individual contributor’s success may depend on their own direct input -- the sweat of their own brow – managers’ success depends on their ability to enlist the active involvement of others: direct reports, other managers, other team members, other department employees, and those above them on the organizational chart -- sometimes even their suppliers or customers! How do you form, launch, and manage a team such that it has the highest chance of success? How can you ensure your team’s work aligns with the organization’s strategy? What basic project management tools can you utilize right away, without purchasing special software, that will help your team meet its objectives on time, on budget, and to spec? Your success at work will depend on the level of trust your colleagues, those who report to you, and those to whom you report feel toward you – how can you build and maintain a high degree of trust? This course will help you succeed in your career....

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Jun 6, 2022

As I began my first management position in a project it was a tremendously useful course for me!!! I would advice it for everyone who wants to extend their knowledge in management area.


Dec 7, 2022

First management course. Very insightful, ideal for beginner. Learn a lot about different management principles. I am going to explore more about project management. Highly recommended.

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By Kendal B

Jan 19, 2023

Pro: + Course content is helpful to expand management skills and organised very well


- There is no reference to the course content on the certificate. You could write the headings of the weekly content on the certificate in bullet form. In Germany, a blank certificate without information about the content is not welcome.

- Coursera logo is very very large and covers the reliability of Johns Hopkins University

By praveen c

May 6, 2022

This course has impactful content and meaningful example for all topics. If you want to learn:

·      How to increase your allies and your knowledge with Active listening,

·      How to detect Conflict situations and choose a conflict position based on the outcome you seek,

·      How to empower someone with coaching and by building psychological safe environment,

·      How to seed strategies for best priority and time management,

·      How to create SMART goals and achieve milestones effectively,

·      And importantly how to do it all withstanding on strong ethical platform,

Then this course is for you.


Feb 7, 2023

Absolutely amazing, I will highly recommend this course to people getting ready for managerial position and actual managers as well to became more imprehensive managers.

By Chanelle L G P

May 15, 2022

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I have approximately 15 years experience working in management and administrative levels in health care with an additional 15 years working as a "team lead", also in a healthcare setting. In addition, I have just completed my PhD in Engineering Management. As I start my job search, I have been concerned about working as a manager in a non-health care environment. This course addressed a number of significant concerns for me and allowed me to debrief myself regarding a number of prior challenging management experiences. The final course project also allowed me to consider a future research project using the information presented in this course. Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity to improve my knowledge of management in a way that was easy for me to complete. I especially appreciated all the references; I have purchased at least ten of the recommended books and have already started to dig in. Best regards to this instructor (I regret I do not have her name readily available to thank her by name). With best regards,

By Orkhan J N

Jun 7, 2022

As I began my first management position in a project it was a tremendously useful course for me!!! I would advice it for everyone who wants to extend their knowledge in management area.

By Sibtain H

Aug 29, 2022

A brilliant course that takes you through the key principles of management, sharing insights and examples on the effectiveness of each principle. I loved the way there were elements from different resources brought in to elaborate on each point. It is very well presented, and definitely worth spending the time learning. I was able to amase quite a lot of information during my notes taking, which will help me refer everytime I need to review or revisit my learnings.

By Wangeci G

Nov 7, 2022

This course is very insightful and practical. Throughout the study, you are able to apply the principles yo have learnt to your day to day managerial assignment. The trainer is also very knowledgeable and has a mastery of the course content. I have enjoyed the course.

By Kyaw S L

Dec 5, 2022

Basically, I have been working many years at marketing industry though I didn't learn management skill well. I just learned at training class. This course will shape my skill set of management. I will use this theory and practice at working environment.


Dec 8, 2022

First management course. Very insightful, ideal for beginner. Learn a lot about different management principles. I am going to explore more about project management. Highly recommended.

By David R

Feb 21, 2024

Some many valuable lessons included in this course. The videos are very informative and several very helpful downloads are included to help you learn and improve.

By imran h

Apr 5, 2022

I feel much better prepared to deal with uncomfortable issues. Thank you for your wisdom, experience and personable presentation.

By Jessica D

Aug 31, 2022

This was a very informatiive class. The instructor was very easy to listen to and kept me wanting to listen to more.

By Joann N B

Mar 21, 2023

Many issues with the class assignments submitted in Google Docs/Word Programs. This slowed down the class time for me significantly. In addition, my final was completed prematurely by accident and was ACCEPTED as my grade in week one. I could have done much better if I had completed the final at the end of the class. Why didn't someone monitoring this course inform me that the last would not be accepted at week one at that early stage? It was an obvious error. Even though I passed the class, I could have earned a higher grade, and I am disappointed that the system failed my personal needs and negatively affected my grade.

By Amanda C

Dec 11, 2023

Mostly good, but the single phrase of music at the start of each module got very annoying after a while. Also, the visuals, when it was just a diagram often just throbbed to show that it was 'dynamic', to the point that I couldn't watch the screen. I'd rather watch someone talking than a throbbing diagram. Finally, I found it a bit too corporate-oriented. Most of each module was very helpful, even if I knew a lot of it already.

By Olaleye O M

Aug 18, 2023

Management is an art of getting things done by people. The scope of Management is very wide. Management can not be isolated from other social courses. From the beginning of this course, many changes has been in managing people in the organization. The changing has been made in terms of behaviour of the people like be a team player, be solution-oriented, maintain effective communication, be visionary and having strong leadership skills. There are six activities of Management. These are Planning, organizing, leading, controlling, forecasting and commanding. Action Management is about setting a plan in motion and getting it done. Action plan describes the way organization will meet its objectives through detailed action steps that describe how and when these will be taken.

This consera changes the method of setting of goals and means of achieving. Planning is looking forward while controlling is looking backward.

Conclusively, Management can not be isolated, it is a social subject that has to do with managing people in an organization. Planning and Controlling is the most important activities in an organization. Without Planning there's nothing like organization.

By To H H P

Jun 21, 2023

Way of teaching is boring, no tutor interaction instead of just a slide like a high school presentation. Just quote and theory is really not practical. Sign me off!

By Shameka N

Aug 8, 2023

I enjoyed this course. This was my first one I took with Coursera and a great one. I love how I can go back to review items, how there was a transcript with the videos. Thank you for this opportunity to take this course. the only thing I did not like is when there are peers reviewing our finally paper there should be a feedback box for any items given a 2 or lower. Again, thank you for this opportunity to take this course and complete it.

By Rajendrakumar P

Dec 6, 2023

Excellent course to understand the Henri Fayol’s 14 principle of management, Porter's Five Forces [Competitive Rivalry, Supplier Power, Buyer Power, Threat of Substitution, and Threat of New Entry], Daniel Pink theory of Motivation (autonomy, mastery, and purpose), Understanding Ethical behavior in four ways Utilitarian, Individualism, Moral-rights, and Justice. Transparency in communication, Coaching

By Scott B

May 3, 2024

The program was very well put together and provided a framework to help managers improve their team's productivity by addressing factors such as communication, emotional security, proper planning and coaching. I would highly recommend this course to anyone; not just those who are just entering management but, also, anyone who is already a manager.

By Frederic A

Feb 27, 2023

I learned a lot from this course on many aspect of the day-to-day people manager role. I provides great insights on the art of listening, coaching, conflict resolution and team-based decision making. There are many other topics covered by this course and I really liked the way professor Illysa made it sound so simple to apprehend.

By Natasha N

May 10, 2023

A great introduction to management principles for a novice like myself.

The principles are clearly delineated and the pace of the course was perfect.

Appropriate additional resources were provided and the assessments were fair and graded timeously.

I would highly recommend this to people starting off in management.

By Ofer K

Jun 7, 2023

Excellent review of a variety of management topics. The instructor is clear, well organized, and covers the various topics in an interesting way. I highly recommend this course, and feel I've learned a great deal from it, including some ideas I intend to implement in my current position.


Nov 27, 2022

Hello. The course was very useful because I am in the middle of opening a new business, from this moment on the knowledge acquired is being put into operation. Many thanks to Dr. Illsa for all her comments and teaching. Thank you so much for everything. Until next time

By Deepanshu R

Sep 29, 2022

The course was extremely helpful . It helped me enhance my managerial skills , along with teaching me and making me realise where i was potentially wrong at certain situations in my life while managing people. A MUST FOR ALL THE MANAGERS OUT THERE!

By Nick H

Aug 11, 2022

Fantastic course that was clear, stuctured and well delivered. llysa Izenberg was articulate, informative and has designed a course that supports individuals no matter what stage they are at in their management journey. Highly reccomend.