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This course introduces you to sampling and exploring data, as well as basic probability theory and Bayes' rule. You will examine various types of sampling methods, and discuss how such methods can impact the scope of inference. A variety of exploratory data analysis techniques will be covered, including numeric summary statistics and basic data visualization. You will be guided through installing and using R and RStudio (free statistical software), and will use this software for lab exercises and a final project. The concepts and techniques in this course will serve as building blocks for the inference and modeling courses in the Specialization....

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Jan 23, 2018

This course literally taught me a lot, the concepts were beautifully explained but the way it was delivered and overall exercises and the difficulty of problems made it more challenging and enjoying.

Mar 30, 2018

The tutor makes it really simple. The given examples really helped to understand the concepts and apply it to a wide range of problems. Thank you for this. Wish I could complete the assignments too.

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By Michèle O

May 29, 2020

I think the first 4 weeks of the cours were quite easy, and the last week, week 5 was quite hard, and did not really match the first four weeks. It would be good if a little more information was given in the first four weeks about EDA's and other parts of the project.

By Ernest R

May 14, 2016

The course is OK, but in my opinion the price 69€ is higher for the material you learn.

Lower price probably more people take the course paying

Also is a pitty that people we do not want to pay, we could not have a final assignement.

By Jerome T

May 20, 2019

The course is very basic, so it is good for an introduction. Quizzes are simple but the final project takes a lot of time. Why should we have to answer three research questions? Two would be sufficient.

By Himanshu S

Aug 4, 2019

Could be improved by providing better tutorials to use R, provide guidelines to use Rstudio desktop as Rstudio Cloud is quite slow and crashes (it crashed 100s of times on loading brfssdata).

By Sarah W

Oct 20, 2017

well thought out and delivered course, but I would have preferred that it dig in more into the topics. Not necessarily more topics, but deeper treatment of the topics that were covered

By Georgina V

Dec 19, 2018

El temario es muy interesante, falta contenido que acompañe: hay varios saltos donde pasas de la introducción del tema a cuestiones complejas del mismo sin explicaciones en el medio.

By Alvaro G

Apr 29, 2020

Some parts of the course are given too superficially. R is required, but the instruction given is not at the level of the required project even though it is a class for beginners.

By Leslie Y

Jul 28, 2017

video lectures were good but the final project at the end was too loosely structured, and depended on you to go learn many features of ggplot on your own

By Krzysztof P

Apr 22, 2018

Nice, but missing a lot of features for those who selected Audit Track. Due to missing excercises, the course without quizes is of very limited value.

By Guillermo C P

Jul 16, 2020

Final Lab project demands far more knowledge of R tool that was taught during the course, it will be really difficult for me to comply with it.

By am

May 16, 2016

Nice course.

But the week 5 project is a little vague. It would be beter if we had a lab assignment instead.

By Khoi M T

Oct 19, 2018

I found using Datacamp for assignment is confusing. Instruction is not very clear

By Yarden B

Mar 2, 2020

Interesting course but I had a lot of difficulty with the final project.

By Isaac W

Feb 7, 2018

A good introduction to some basic stats, a mediocre introduction to R


Dec 1, 2018

The final project should have an instructional video.

By Mark N

Jul 26, 2018

stats instruction is good but the R part is weak

By Rianne d B

Jun 26, 2017

I felt like I didn't have enough skills in R.


Jul 3, 2020

The week 5 is very hard to accomplish.

By Vanessa H M C

Oct 12, 2020

Don’t like the last section

By Tales S N

Mar 18, 2019

disappointing final test

By Rahul K G

Jun 22, 2017

Good for a beginner.

By Janice H

Jun 20, 2020

The course instructor is EXCELLENT! She does a fabulous job of explaining everything thoroughly and uses good examples to do so. She makes understanding probability and data easy.

I rated the course low because of the instruction in R and required use of R. I wanted to learn R's basic commands but this was almost impossible. The instruction we received in the course with respect to coding in R was entirely insufficient to be able to complete the extremely long final project (the supposed two-hour project took me 13 hours). The coding no longer works (R code changed since the videos were made). Also the final project data set was too large to be used in the workspace provided by Coursera, and crashed my computer every time I tried to use it. Filtering and selecting did not work to limit the data set either, as both those functions caused R to shut itself down. I planned to continue on for more of this series because the instructor is so great, but I cannot deal with R so will not be continuing.

By Leif B

May 12, 2020

I honestly can't recommend this course. The coverage of statistics was fine, and the labs were sufficiently clear, but the final project suffers exactly the same critical flaw as so many other online courses: after a limited exposure to a tool, the student is expected to use that tool in a context that is so different that the original classes are all but useless. In this case, where RStudio worked flawlessly and effortlessly on clean data, the final project doesn't use clean data.

If your goal is to learn statistics without a particular software package, look elsewhere.

If your goal is to learn R & RStudio, I'd have to suggest a more rigorous, step-by-step approach.

By Ghasem B S

May 24, 2020

I reviewed many concept which I am grateful for, but several thing need to get better. First, all over the course I was waiting to hear about p-values more, as was promised first time but got nothing more on the videos. Second, many question were asked on exam about the material in the book that were supposed to be optional. Third, final projects includes a huge data file which my laptop suffered loading in RStudio every time. If the it is meant to evaluate the students knowledge, a much smaller data would be enough as well. by the way, I appreciate your endeavor.

By Jamison T

Jun 21, 2018

Content is not bad. However, peer review system for final project is not great. I had to wait for other students to review mine and wait for other students to submit theirs. How long this is takes is largely dependent on how many students are currently taking the course (which was not enough and so I had to wait). This kind of system for marking should not be done for online courses where you cannot guarantee there are enough users always taking it at the same time. Especially when there are paying users that may have to pay an extra month whilst waiting.