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This course introduces classes, instances, and inheritance. You will learn how to use classes to represent data in concise and natural ways. You'll also learn how to override built-in methods and how to create "inherited" classes that reuse functionality. You'll also learn about how to design classes. Finally, you will be introduced to the good programming habit of writing automated tests for their own code. The course is best-suited for you if you are already familiar with Python fundamentals, which are covered in the "Python Basics" and "Python Functions, Files, and Dictionaries" courses (courses 1 and 2 of the Python 3 Programming Specialization). It is optional to have taken the "Data Collection and Processing with Python" course (course 3 of the specialization), but knowledge of retrieving and processing complex nested data is helpful. This is the fourth of five courses in the Python 3 Programming Specialization....

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Dec 6, 2020

As always like how I told, there's no doubt about this being the best python course that you will ever find, and take it from a guy who never found interest in studying until now.\n\nThank you.

Aug 12, 2020

Great course! A month ago I still knew nothing about programming. Now I can try to understand and write codes for a mini game, which is super cool. Many thanks to the teachers and Coursera.

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By Shreeyash R K

May 16, 2020

The whole course was beautiful, but the project should've been from different domain. Many students are from regions where they never played Wheel of fortune game and the instructions seemed bit tricky to understand. Also the instructions were later modified in the discussion forums. But by the way, the concepts are taught excellently.

By Ietje P

May 30, 2020

The part on classes and inheritance is as excellent as previous python courses in the specialization. The part about testing has a weird structure, and seems to repeat itself a lot. Also the example about object orientation in real life could do with shorter video, better introduction. Final exercise has the right difficulty level.

By Nhu N T H

Feb 23, 2020

Great course. My only feedback is you should allow the students to keep their code, or warn them before clicking Grade Me. Once I clicked this button the entire code was wiped out saved for the default view, which is sad as I spent hours putting in the work and would have wanted to save the results.

By Gabriel G

Jul 25, 2020

Really nice how these topics were introduced and broken down. Compared to all the other projects, project 4 was a disaster. instructions are very vague and confusing and you are dropped in the middle of the project with out any ways to test other than trial and error.

By Nishant B

Mar 6, 2019

Good course for learning basics of Object Oriented Programming in Python. Although for learning Object Oriented approach for the first time, this course won't help much. But for those who know OOPs beforehand can easily learn how to implement it in python.

By Juan I R

Nov 20, 2020

The final assessment was a pain, it has errors and the feedback to correct your own errors is not clear. Sum it all up and you have no idea what is wrong. A few hours later and having done everything you just get it right and you have no idea how

By Muhammad A

Apr 12, 2020

Good introduction to classes - can be better though. It explains very well what object-oriented programming is but isn't as well in explaining how classes can be used in your own code (or where and why you should use classes over functions).

By Subrata G

Sep 16, 2019

Good Course for learning basic of object oriented programming in Python, Although this is not for who learning first time object oriented .But the final assessment was too long and the question design and flow was bad and confusing

By Sacha v W

Jul 14, 2020

Nice consice introduction. I love the online book. Nice to have video, text and exercises integrated. In my view material could have a bit more depth but I understand that choices need to be made. I can recommend this to everyone.

By Muaz K

Nov 4, 2020

It was good but a little bit slow. If you know something about the classes just pass the first lessons. While you are passing look through inside the course to understand what i am saying. Thank you Michigan Universiy!


Jul 29, 2020

Some of the concepts were uncleared

The external environment is nice but need some more work

Currently it doesn't support f'.........'

this formatting

It's not deal breaker but somewhat frustrating non the less

By Alexander J V

Jan 4, 2020

Some of the instructions for the assignments seemed unclear, and I increasingly dislike ActiveCode. But the topics are covered in an efficient manner, and the course does provide the basic skills expected.

By Bhanu C

Jul 7, 2020

A challenging and adventures course ofr classes and inheritance.But,final project is a little confusing if instruction are read properly.Overall excllent materials,quezzes and challenges.Must take.

By Nicole A

Aug 6, 2020

All of these courses have been really great. Courses 3 and 4 though have been a lot shorter and therefore it feels like the improvement and experience are not as great as in the first two courses.

By Maytat L

Jun 19, 2020

The overall course is really good. The amount of content is less than the rest of the previous courses. The final course project was the most challenging of the whole specialization so far.

By H K S

Dec 6, 2020

explanation for classes and inheritance is really good, but I thought more number of exercises ,and more info on django is also needed, final project was not that difficult

By Tan L M

May 29, 2020

Overall quite a good overview of classes and inheritance but final assignment can be passed by fluke. Test cases are not built into the platform thoroughly enough

By Alex C

May 17, 2020

this was a really nice little course, maybe a little on the easy side, but i guess it is more for beginners.

If you are not a beginner, just do the exercises!

By gannon o

Nov 22, 2020

Fine. The end project was pretty difficult though. I always feel I am not prepared for those end projects after the simple lectures and videos before.

By Abhishek S

Jun 11, 2020

In the final Assessment there was a error in your own code and the program didn't run well and showed error. But except that part, teaching was great.

By Joe A

Sep 2, 2019

Slightly less in-depth than I wanted in terms of classes in python, but overall, pretty well-presented overview of basic OO and testing with Python.

By Xinghua J

Jul 30, 2019

The project is designed too fancy and not practical. Takes a lot of time to understand the requirement and not too much feedback from the project.

By Anastasios P

Jan 15, 2020

Course is good with more new content and assignments. Also lecture time is a lot more logical than the previous two courses. Really enjoyed it.

By Bassem A

May 13, 2020

I wish there was more examples. This course felt like it was rushed to have different topics without enough examples for people to understand.

By Raza K

Sep 29, 2020

It's very good introductory course on oops with python but does not get into all the details, would highly recommend to beginners