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Learner Reviews & Feedback for The Business of Product Management II by Advancing Women in Tech

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Sponsored by AMAZON WEB SERVICES (AWS). Learn real-world product management lessons from Amazon, Tesla, Uber, WeWork, Zoom, the United States Armed Forces, Facebook, Google, Alphabet, Poshmark, Slack, Twitter, Headspace, Walmart Labs, Humana, Schwab, Allianz, Amex, Grohe, Amazon, Costco, Progressive, Activision, Yelp, H&M, Basecamp, Microsoft, and more! Featuring: * NANCY WANG, Head of Data Protection Services, Amazon Web Services; Founder and CEO, Advancing Women in Product * VERONICA PINCHIN, Director of Product Management, Sidewalk Labs * KATE ZHANG, Product Manager, Instagram * BARKHA SAXENA, Chief Data Officer, Poshmark This is the second of four courses in the ACE Recommended Real-World Product Management Specialization. When you complete all four courses, you can earn up to 6 college credits....

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Oct 10, 2021

The course was very practical and real. Although the peer-graded assignments and review can be difficult for beginners. Some of the concepts are hard to grasp for people who have no finance knowledge


Oct 23, 2022

Excellent course! Love how Nancy teaches actual scenarios and allows you to get a glimpse of being a product management. She is so engaging :) Really happy to have discovered this certification.

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By Menna R

Nov 19, 2021


By Sudarshan K

Dec 5, 2022

Okay, so what did we learn in this course. We started with Product vision, product roadmap, product backlog. Then, we took items from a product backlog and broke them into tasks for sprints. That is where we learned about scrum and other agile methodologies.

Then week 2 was all about data , numbers and experiments. We learned about KPIs and OKRs, customer A/B testing, NPS, CES, and CSATs.

Then once we understood how we can experiment w customers. We went on to learning customer retention and addicting them. We studied Hooked theory. And then how we can monetize customers once we have retained them. And what several monetization and pricing theories we can use. And finally ended the course with some basic financial rations.

All in all, I think the course was pretty broad. I personally would have loved to get into more specific ideas of product growth in relation to B2B products. But, I understand that it would make sense to keep the course as general as possible so as to include everyone else taking it.

By Erick A

Dec 27, 2020

Great quality of contents, I am really fan of the do one, see one, tech one approach. Recommended for everyone who is planning to start her career as PM or that wants to strengthen concepts. Nancy is an excellent presenter.

Only thing that I did not enjoy was that a user was making a fool of himself, submitting nonsense content in the activities (I guess to pass the course?) I reported him couple of times but as I made progress I kept seeing his submissions. While I was able to review others after each report I'd like to see more control on the Course owners so ill intentioned users are temporarily blocked or banned.

By Vanessa P

Jan 21, 2023

Great course! It was definitely more challenging than the first course. The quizzes can be a little hard to understand. For one example the EBITDA, quiz asked, "Which answer is the LEAST suspicious?" After I chose my answer and got it incorrect, the explanation under it said, "be suspicious!" At times, it felt like I was getting mixed signals from the quizzes and unsure of what it was asking me to do. The same applied when I tried the quiz again, and the multiple-choice questions were different, making the answer more confusing and complicated than the first time. Otherwise, good course and interviews.

By Amirah O

Mar 14, 2024

This course has been incredibly challenging, especially due to the demanding workload and the depth of the financial concepts covered (beginners would need extra reading) . Despite the difficulty, it's provided a fantastic foundation for understanding key areas like customer insights through AB testing and feedback loops, agile project management methodologies, OKRs and the financial health of a product. The quizzes, however, could be improved. Some questions were phrased ambiguously, and the terminology used in lectures sometimes differed from that used in the quizzes, leading to confusion.

By Syed M M G

Dec 29, 2021

This is an excellent course and i would rate it very highly. I really loved the content on Financials, and NPS.

Things to improve:

1. provide concrete case studies on how to actually create OKRs with more examples and context.

2. Content on A/B test needs improvement. Perhaps a practical guide would help. The A/B test for example needs proper care when creating the test so perhaps more examples were needed, although I really liked the content again.

By Leonie A M

Jan 3, 2021

While the ethics of "addicting your customer" and general psychological techniques to maximise "virality" and addiction to a product were briefly discussed, the ethics and legal framework for using personal data of users was not at all touched. I feel that this is quite an oversight in particular since failures to protect personal data can now have serious consequences due to new regulations, in particular in the EU.

By R L

Jan 15, 2021

Overall this course feels like a good introduction to understanding your customer, running AB testing and improving with feedback, agile management methodology, and finances of a product. I found the quizzes to be difficult in this course as some of the questions were worded in a confusing way and the lectures often used many names for something that was different from what was referred to in the quiz.

By Afshin B

Apr 8, 2022

it would be amazing if we could not wait for this much for our assignments to review by others! i have completed my assignment 14 days ago and nobody reviewed it yet.

but after all, thank you dear nancy for all your great work

i hope we could have much more time about the last assignment(learning time) because i did not quite get that percentage phase of those data.

By Alicia P

Apr 25, 2023

the financial information section was not really relevant as my product is an internal product that we do not try to monotize directly. would love to learn more about assessing value for products that are indirect value - help us do work faster so more profitable.

Questions are oddly worded on quizes

By Lavanya Y

Jun 30, 2021

It was new learning for me on the financials and product pricing , enjoyed learning via simple exercises and real time examples. Only reason why I gave 4 stars was because I felt the content was little fast paced and had to pause and some times replay to understand the concept.

By Anupriya K

Apr 1, 2022

Some exercises are quite challenging and this helped me in learning. Big thank you for this course.

There is just 1 issue with the peer-review that they are very slow and prevents me from completing the course.

By Bishal K B

Jul 16, 2022

The tests are quite difficult and as there are no notes present, it becomes difficult to revise so please revise your test curriculum and provide reading materials

By Nadine K

Jun 8, 2021

Good refreseher for basic business management topics (financials, P&Ls, etc). can take longer if users are not as well versed in these topics.

By Luthufia S

Jan 19, 2023

A few of the topics were difficult to follow with the limited content provided for someone without a financial background of education.

By Zsolt V

Jan 28, 2024

The difficulty level of quizzes can vary greatly. For certain quizzes you'd better do some external research to succeed.

By Tagui M

Aug 23, 2021

It is a good course for those that want to get a generic overview on market and financial analysis of a given product.

By Carla P

Aug 18, 2021

Super useful. At times a little fast/choppy, but overall, very very useful. Thank you!

By Tory G

Feb 1, 2021

Nancy does a great job teaching and bringing in industry experts!

By Solace M

Oct 24, 2023

I learnt a lot thank you

By Christina A

Dec 30, 2021

Great information interupted with frustrating practice quizzes, which require more knowledge than was just taught. If the instructor is seeing most students fail the multiple choice quiz the first attempt, either the teachings or the quiz needs to be modifed. On these quizzes, Coursera would alert me something like 68% of students fail on their first attempt. This is incredibly frustrating for students who are paying attention and completing all training given. Students obviously don't have the background knowledge expected by the instructor/exam creator which is why this course is being taken.

By Emily P

May 23, 2023

The content is good. The quizzes do not align though. You are required to do calculations in the quizzes that are not specifically taught in the material leading up to the quiz or the quizzes will cover very specific things that weren't discussed in the videos. I had to take almost every quiz multiple times because the material is lacking or not thorough enough.

By Wiebke C

May 2, 2024

Maybe it was me missing some things but the questions in the exams sometimes were not related to what had been taught during the course. The videos definitely didn't enable me to KNOW the answers but I had to google a lot and struggled answering. Maybe that's the purpose but would be great to be tested on things discussed during the course.

By Maud A

Jan 29, 2024

Nancy makes lots of assumptions about the student that affect the delivery of the material. She goes through the material quickly, which isn't bad. This should be viewed as an introduction to concepts course, not a 'now I know how to do it' course.

By Manali K

Sep 19, 2023

I think more in-depth review on the financials piece would have been good. The quiz questions are kind of confusing- some answers could be right, but then are marked wrong.