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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Studying at Japanese Universities by The University of Tokyo

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About the Course

Are you interested in studying at Japanese universities? Do you want to learn about Japan’s university application and enrollment processes, as well as the types of programs on offer? This course will help you to both discover great programs offered by different Japanese universities and prepare a study plan through project-based learning. We introduce a number of options to match a variety of goals, from full degree to non-degree programs, programs taught in English, as well as short-term programs in Japan. During the course, international students at UTokyo will provide you with useful information and advice to start you on the path to studying in Japan. At the end of this course, you will produce a draft of your action plan for applying to Japanese universities. The overall goal of the course is to start you off on the right foot to a happy, productive and fulfilling student life in Japan!...

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Jun 21, 2020

Very good course that gives us a head-on before applying for universities in Japan. Do give this course a try if you are interested in applying to Japan in the near future!


Oct 9, 2019

Really useful and enriching! It clearly describes the steps to take, gives you practical documents and talk about real student life in Japan through a lot of testimonies.

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By Jennifer V

Jun 11, 2017

I really enjoyed this course. It may not be specific in some areas, but it is definitely a good way to make the first step in making an action plan for studying in Japan. IT uses actual student accounts to give insight into what it is really like to live and study in Japan. You learn a great deal about the basics of studying and applying for Japanese Universities as an International student. The classes are also full of people from various places around the world. IT's wonderful.

By Ellen

Jun 22, 2020

Very good course that gives us a head-on before applying for universities in Japan. Do give this course a try if you are interested in applying to Japan in the near future!

By Nazli C O

Mar 4, 2019

This course provides important information regarding studying in Japan. The most helpful part for me was where the international students share their experiences. It is very hard to find such first hand info online. Also the links to important e-docs such as JASSO website, MEXT scholarship info etc. makes it easy for an outsider to sort things out. I recommend every student who is considering Japan as their next destination to take this course.

By Leah A M C

Oct 26, 2020

I was really aiming for MEXT and it gives a better insight and courage to continue my studies in Masters and Ph.D.Thank you Coursera team and to the University of Tokyo!

By Ghadeer A

Feb 23, 2020

I want to take this opportunity to show my appreciation to Prof.Yujin Yaguchi, Prof.Yuko Itatsu, and all UTokyo students who helped to provide this essential and well-organized course. After the four sessions, I learned more about the Japanese university system, student lives in Tokyo, and I was able to choose the program that suits me better with a solid plan regarding the application prosses.

By Lorena O

Jun 25, 2020

This course is very interesting because is possible to learn more about research student life who lives in Japan and others issues. I took the opportunity to talk about my dream in study in Japan and I could training my english skills to the first time. The materials helped me understand to about many points to scholarships of international students in Japan.

By sow

Feb 1, 2017

Hello thank you to you who had this idea because I found the course very instructive. I could learn a lot about the Japanese universities and somehow on the lifestyle of the Japanese. But what I wish most To the world is to be accepted in the university of tokyo.

Thank you all that God bless you

By Indranil S

Jul 15, 2020

This course is very helpful for those who are really considering studying abroad in Japan.It gvies you alot of information and tips regarding japanese universities and student life.It is very well presented and some useful links are also provided to help one plan their japanese education/stay.I would recommend it.

By Angie K

Jul 24, 2017

Really helpful. I'm serious about going to study at a Japanese University and this course was of great help. It has important information and the plus of the actual students' voices, which was amazing. Thanks to this course I have developed a plan and got nice sources for extra information.

By Swee Y K

May 2, 2018

It is a well designed course with short video clips interspersed with activities such as quizzes or reflections and action plans. There are several peer-reviews which help provide a wider variety of opinions. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in Japan!

By Gabriel M

Mar 28, 2018

It's a very good course. It gave me a lot of new information about the process of applying to a university, costs of living in Japan, and many other useful information. I recommend anyone who are willing to go to Japan for studying to take this course.

By Abhishek S G

Jun 8, 2020

It was really good coarse. If you want to know the information about higher education in Japan then this is the best coarse available on the internet. I will highly recommend you to do this course if you are interested to do higher education in japan.

By Shaylah G

Nov 5, 2018

Really great. The instructors are absolutely amazing. The course truly gives out general, and extra information for future students or just students who are thinking about japan schooling. just over all cant complain about the course. Amazing 100%

By Rina J

Sep 17, 2017

Detailed and very helpful! This course really helped me gain insight on what to prepare to apply for Japanese universities and also Japanese culture and lifestyle!

By Kiki M P

Jan 12, 2021

I did not believe I would be able to study abroad in Japan before taking this course. After completing it, I feel I know all the necessary steps to make my dream a reality. The material provided is thorough and current. I highly recommend this course to anyone curious about studying abroad in Japan, even if you don't think you'll be applying to do so for years to come. The sooner you know what steps will be necessary, the better.

By Paula I

Nov 16, 2020

I am grateful for all the information shared and the tangible results of this course. I feel inspired, well informed and positive about going to Japan to continue my studies. Thank you to The University of Tokyo, professor Yaguchi and professor Itatsu, the students who shared their experiences and to for making this possible. Stay safe and see you soon!

By Cathy H Y T

May 30, 2022

This course provided great insight into what life is like as a student at a Japanese university. I liked that students were invited to speak and didn't gloss over some of the unattractive aspects of the application process because that has prepared me for what to expect. I will definitely consider studying in Japan and I am glad to have this course as a guide!

By Beatriz C M

Jan 18, 2021

Si existen las ganas de ir a estudiar a Japón (sea lo que sea), este curso es totalmente recomendado. Otorga mucha información con detalle sobre los procesos asociados a la postulación a estudios en japón, y sobre el estilo de vida que se puede vivir. Te entrega un panorama completo de cómo es Japón, y así entonces puedas crear un "plan de acción".

By Gulsum a

Sep 4, 2020

To the ones who are planning to start, first 2 weeks are pretty important i think, other 2 weeks will be like having fun. But informations on these first 2 weeks are so valuable. Have fun! It's gonna make you learn what awaits you if you're planning to go to an university in Japan and it will make you serious about it!

By Rene M

Sep 18, 2020

Very informative provides you with information to make your transition to Japan swift. It also provides you with the necessary tools to learn about the different opportunities you can have when studying in Japan. I would recommend this course to anyone that it is interested in studying overseas!

By Nidhi P R

Aug 29, 2020

Amazing course. I feel like it'd be of great help to keep reviewing this over and over again even though I finished it. It is highly motivating and detailed. Definitely recommend this to anyone seriously interested in studying in Japan.

By Omar A A C

May 25, 2020

It was an excellent course, it allowed me to better understand the process, he gave invaluable advice to all those interested in studying in Japan and I consider it a great step for the process that I plan to implement in the future.

By Sakura l

May 15, 2017

o curso é muito bom para podermos conhecer um pouco mais sobre como funcionam os cursos no Japão e como podemos nus preparar para ingressarmos no tão sonhado curso nesse país que detêm uma cultura tão diferente da cultura ocidental

By Ma L A

Nov 10, 2020

A very useful course to foreign students who intend to study in Japan. You'll find all information you need including ways to find and get into Japanese universities, what scholarship grants to apply and how to live in Japan.

By Juan S L C

Jul 25, 2020

A very complete course to prepare to study in Japan. Amazing and useful information, great reviews by students from overseas now studying in Japan, details about student life, Japanese culture, tuitions, scholarships etc.