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This course will explore the science of suicide research, prevention, and intervention. The field of suicide research is young and knowledge is rapidly changing. Topics will include terminology, epidemiology, historical and contemporary theories of suicide, modern approaches to suicide research, empirically supported approaches to prevention and intervention, the lived experiences of those with suicidal thoughts and attempts. Note: this course is not designed to address personal experiences with suicidal thoughts, suicide loss, or mental illness nor will it address assessing suicide risk among friends or family members. If you are thinking about suicide or are worried about someone else – please contact your local suicide prevention crisis center as soon as possible. Your life matters and help is available. Each module will include a quiz. The last module’s quiz will be cumulative....

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Feb 4, 2023

I learn some new information that will assist with my current employment but helping clients.


Mar 6, 2023

a very well done course, I enjoyed the material and it was enlightening.

Thank You.

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By Amanda C

Apr 25, 2022

There was a lot of good information here. However, in the middle of one of the intervention videos, there is a long discussion about the script that could easily have been cut from the video. Additionally, some of the links to videos are not working, especially in the last module.

I know links particularly are hard to keep current, but the video should have that piece cut out, it's clearly an editing mistake. It makes me think that not a lot of attention was paid to this course, and considering the subject matter, that's a shame.

By Brian H

Jun 13, 2022

I'm sure the marterial on the whole is informative, however students should be given the option like in the courses to buy the certificate at the end of the course, instead of "we'll only grade you exams if you pay us".

this course was a waste of time for me, & I don't recommend it.

By Melanie B

Nov 6, 2021

Very informative

By Robin M

Jun 21, 2022

This course was a great fit with my role as a volunteer crisis counselor at Crisis Text Line. I have an MSW from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and have published quite a bit of research about suicide attempts in the LGBT population. I am now a Doctor of Social Work student at Capella University and plan to do a capstone project (applied research) on clinical interventions with LGBT youth.

By Roger V d S C

Oct 31, 2022

I do a PhD study on language and suicide, and even I got positevely surprised by this course, because I learned so many new, relevant things! Another plus for me is the online quizzes with unlimited attempts to pass, since the main goal is to learn, not to be tested in a traditional “pass now or never”. The care for scientific evidence and clear explanations is another pro on this course. It’s worth noting that the teacher gives plenty of examples, so you can quickly visualize what she said.

I just don’t give it 5 stars because there were no real pictures or videos on the presentations, only diagrams, charts and the like. Anyways, most of the time, it was text over white background plus the teacher’s voice and image. At some point, my brain got bored and I had to force myself more and more to study something I like, so I figured the problem was not lack of interest. I don’t mean there should be suicide pictures and videos, but objects like a handshake when talking about support, a smiling health professional, maybe photos of some researchers etc.

By Mohammad S A

Jan 9, 2023

Its very Informative and a lo to learn. I will suggest to add some case studies to be analyzed such as clinical suicide cases. I know that's not in the scope of this course but it could be kept optional.

By Sarah A

Mar 24, 2022

I thought the course was okay, not a lot of in-depth interventions like I had hoped for, it was more of an overview of suicide, and I thought a bit too much focus on the history and statistics. The week four 12 minute video needs to be edited, there are about 2 minutes of dead space and the two of the video links for that module do not work.

By Andrée K

Nov 22, 2021

I like that the course keeps the modules brief and to-the-point. It gives learners plenty of space to process all the information, and the way it was put together allows that information to be retained for longer and more clearly. I enjoyed the readings and the activities suggested as well. However, some links in the readings are no longer functional and need updating. Also, in the last module, there is one video in which the professor pauses to fix some mistakes in the text with her coworkers, and I think that segment should be removed from the video. A great, well-designed, and insightful course overall!

By furkan ç

Sep 25, 2022

I like it so much. Researchers often talk and complain misconceptions about suicide in social sphere but do not talk about their stubborn persistence in their own misconceptions. This course has done a great job with the touching the clinicians' acceptance of "normal" and persist their attitude to continue their blatant errors, such as the suicide contract's iatrogenic effects. I wish there were more courses on the topic of suicide. I would be very happy to see a collaborative course of interdisciplinary researchers here.

By Hunter

Feb 5, 2023

I learn some new information that will assist with my current employment but helping clients.

By Arch A

Mar 7, 2023

a very well done course, I enjoyed the material and it was enlightening.

Thank You.

By Ameera-Jessica N

Dec 5, 2022

Very helpful information that i will always use to prevent others from harm

By Rebecca M

Jun 23, 2022

This professor is great, I am telling all my coworkers to take this class

By Joaquina O F

Jan 27, 2023

Excelente como curso base para aprender sobre el tema.

By Trynh P

Feb 16, 2023

Exellent source of information and very useful course

By Randa W

Aug 10, 2022

I found this course both informative and interesting.

By Paul L

Aug 14, 2022

Great class. Very informative and well constructed

By michael r

Jul 23, 2022

a very good course i learned alot thank you

By Basset B

Jul 16, 2022

great cours with great teacher

By Eyüp Y K

Jan 23, 2023

Sehr wichtig und sehr nötig.

By Benny “ 2 P

Jun 7, 2022

5 star

By Gomah M A G

Feb 9, 2023


By Megan

Jan 8, 2022

Interesting however a few issues with the class that overshadowed it.

Week 1 the graphs were difficult to read as the colors were too similar in the graphic. There was no guidance for the discussion forum. Several links did not work for the assignments. One of the videos, very awkwardly, included a conversation with someone off camera that was not edited out (when discussing the "No Suicide Contract".

By Madison S

Feb 2, 2023

There is some material missing from the course, but overall is a fantastic course.

By 5D07 C K W 5 蔡

Feb 4, 2023

Good course on suicide prevention. The pace of the speaker isn't too fast and there are enough images to understand the context.

I feel like this course could be better if it is more focused on psychological prevention and what's going on in the individuals' mind. Only a few lessons cover the topic (Like Three Step Theory). It's more like a course that goes through all helping material for suicide instead of a psychologic class, which I initially anticipated by looking at the profile of the speaker.

Would recommend to take this course if you have enough free time, but not entirely aimed for the psychological factor of suicide.