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About the Course

This course will explore the science of suicide research, prevention, and intervention. The field of suicide research is young and knowledge is rapidly changing. Topics will include terminology, epidemiology, historical and contemporary theories of suicide, modern approaches to suicide research, empirically supported approaches to prevention and intervention, the lived experiences of those with suicidal thoughts and attempts. Note: this course is not designed to address personal experiences with suicidal thoughts, suicide loss, or mental illness nor will it address assessing suicide risk among friends or family members. If you are thinking about suicide or are worried about someone else – please contact your local suicide prevention crisis center as soon as possible. Your life matters and help is available. Each module will include a quiz. The last module’s quiz will be cumulative....

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Oct 4, 2023

Well laid out and easy to follow. Great content and given how expansive this topic can be, this course did well with hitting all the important parts in a meaningful way. Thank you.


Aug 18, 2023

This course was exceptionally good. From this course I got to learn a lot of new information. Basically it was wholesum amount of knowledge.

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By Joaquina O F

Jan 27, 2023

Excelente como curso base para aprender sobre el tema.

By Trynh P

Feb 16, 2023

Exellent source of information and very useful course

By Randa W

Aug 10, 2022

I found this course both informative and interesting.

By Paul L

Aug 14, 2022

Great class. Very informative and well constructed

By michael r

Jul 23, 2022

a very good course i learned alot thank you

By Basset B

Jul 16, 2022

great cours with great teacher

By Mercelena L

Aug 22, 2023

Thanks a lot for this course!

By Eyup K

Jan 23, 2023

Sehr wichtig und sehr nötig.

By Clara L

May 23, 2023

Very helpful to my career

By Bernardo R

Apr 19, 2024

Great Material

By Benny P

Jun 7, 2022

5 star

By Gomah M A G

Feb 9, 2023


By Megan

Jan 8, 2022

Interesting however a few issues with the class that overshadowed it.

Week 1 the graphs were difficult to read as the colors were too similar in the graphic. There was no guidance for the discussion forum. Several links did not work for the assignments. One of the videos, very awkwardly, included a conversation with someone off camera that was not edited out (when discussing the "No Suicide Contract".

By Merica H

Feb 11, 2024

It would have been helpful to have resources that could have been downloaded and used to read and reference. Only having the video made it difficult to retain the resource information so you had to keep going through the video information to answer quiz questions. Having PDF references would have been nice.

By Atiqa R

Jan 7, 2024

This course is great for initial understanding of suicide but needs to add more in depth practical demonstration of interventions.

By Sheila K S

May 6, 2023

The course is informative and well-organized. However, I was disappointed that a number of the video links do not work.

By Madison S

Feb 2, 2023

There is some material missing from the course, but overall is a fantastic course.

By 6D07 C K W 6 蔡

Feb 4, 2023

Good course on suicide prevention. The pace of the speaker isn't too fast and there are enough images to understand the context.

I feel like this course could be better if it is more focused on psychological prevention and what's going on in the individuals' mind. Only a few lessons cover the topic (Like Three Step Theory). It's more like a course that goes through all helping material for suicide instead of a psychologic class, which I initially anticipated by looking at the profile of the speaker.

Would recommend to take this course if you have enough free time, but not entirely aimed for the psychological factor of suicide.

By Miral E M

Mar 12, 2023

Expected much more practical prevention approaches for the public.

By Latonya H

Aug 24, 2023

This class was very boring.

By Mirelli v H

Aug 27, 2023

Overall enjoyed the course. The active learning by way of quizzes was useful.

safety planning could have been covered in far more in depth for service providers and even friends and family who may try to give it a shot. Things like apps that keep the safety plan handy could have been recommended. The daunting/fearful experince of having a loved one living with suicidal ideation or dying from suicide are both very difficult for family and something should have been said about that. If the general public is showing interest in this topic, it's because someone in their world is suicidal (or they are a service provider). So I think now addressing that big question, "what do I do if my ...... is suicidal?" needs to get answered. Of course you can give specific instructions/therapy for a specific person, but general info/public advice/ information dissemination could have been better addressed.

Basic supports could have been discussed too esp. keeping in touch with the person could have been recommended. What I'm suggesting is a Caring Letters intervention for those with suicidal ideation and/or psychiatric in-patient discharge in the last 12-24 months. Just checking in with a caring phone call, text or email.

Overall I was pretty disappointed with this course. Insufficient for both the clinician, the primary care physician, clergy, teachers and the general public. It's hard to tell who the target audience is for this material. Either way, the quality would benefited from a more well rounded set of presentations.

By Grace W

Apr 21, 2023

lecturer don't even bother to response to queries.