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About the Course

This course will prepare you for teaching science in higher education. In this MOOC you will learn to make your knowledge as an excellent researcher accessible to your students. We will show you how to communicate science to novices as well as advanced students in science. You will experience the value of teaching with analogies and you will be guided to train your students' competences. Based on up-to-date findings from research into teaching and learning science you will be able to - implement evidence-based strategies into your own teaching, - use students everyday-conceptions for the development of courses, - prepare analogies and models to teach in your field, - implement problem-based teaching, - set up for experiments and teach the nature of science. This course enables you to teach abstract science topics to your students and make them become active and successful learners. The course is based on lectures (videos), handouts (knowledge-to practice briefs), which supplement the knowledge taught in the lectures and assignments to implement the teaching strategies into your own practice....

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Sep 16, 2018

It was useful for me as beginner. I learned how to give an assessment, planning for the course, developing my course material, raise the competitions between my students and more.


Mar 2, 2018

This is a very exceptional course for me as a teacher. Very helpful insights and learnings. Thanks Prof. Dr. Kai Niebert for you wonderful teaching methodologies. God bless you.

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By Elli T

Jan 18, 2018

I am teaching since 2 years now molecular biology in a biology department. I took some didactical courses in my home university, but they were not to compare to what I learned here! In other – more general courses – you get general information how to talk to students, how to formulate learning goals blablabla. Often thats far away from daily teaching.

But this course is completely different: The videos are on the point. They told me what research knows about good teaching and how to apply it – directly. You see that the instructor has a lot of experience and really loves teaching. At first I thought the assignments and peer reviews are too much effort to put in. But it forces you to really adapt the weeks content to your own classes. The work really was worth it! My favourite stuff was the weeks on conceptual change and teaching with analogies!

Thank you for this course!

By Jennifer B

Mar 5, 2019

Teaching Science in University was my first Coursera course and I really enjoyed it. The information in the course has really helped me to look at the lessons I am teaching to determine how to get my students more actively engaged in the material. To think about how they can apply what they are learning, not just memorize the material presented to them. I really appreciate the Dr. Neibert's handouts that succinctly cover the information and allow you to go back and visit changes in the learning process.

By lina t

Feb 13, 2019

je pense que tout enseignant devrait suivre ce cours ; il est clair , bien fait et surtout très intéressant et je desirerais vraiment inviter le professeur de ce module à faire une conférence à l'université Mohamed V au Maroc. je vous remercie tous , pour ce cours

By Mohammed A

Sep 17, 2018

It was useful for me as beginner. I learned how to give an assessment, planning for the course, developing my course material, raise the competitions between my students and more.

By Aneeza S

Nov 6, 2023

This course is very very information and it help me that in what ways I will convey science concepts to the students. Great experience. Thanks

By Muhammad W A

Feb 13, 2019

Highly recommended for those teachers who are willing to move from the college level to the university level teaching.

By Johann-Heinrich S

Apr 5, 2018

I really enjoyed this course. Lots of useful things to learn and be reminded of.

By Johnny C

Nov 26, 2019

The course is very interesting and easy to follow. The problem is the peer-review system, apparently there are no much interest or students to review all the assignments. I am stuck in the last assignment, waiting for someone to review it, and finally finish the course.

By Fátima d R R

Jul 25, 2017

The material is clear and easy to follow, but I would like to have more feedback.

Even though there is a rubric for every assignment, sometimes partners are subjective.

By Antoine D

Mar 30, 2018

Very pedagogical and entertaining course, focused on science teaching. Only few weeks to accomplish. I recommend it.


Jun 27, 2020

Content really deserves appreciation. Looking forward for more course in advance level from same group.

By Emad A M A H

Apr 27, 2019

Amazing course

By Rodrigo S M

Mar 5, 2019


By Mathilde P

Jul 21, 2017

Not enough examples at the beginning of the course. The course is interesting but the videos were monotonous. I think the use of quizzes would have been appropriate, as well as giving some articles to read.

By Siara I

Jul 23, 2017

This course presents a lot of interesting information about teaching science but offers few opportunities for feedback and practice with this material. Which is ironic because it is a course about how to teach.

The lectures are clear and well presented. But It needs quizzes (make these worth only a few % and with the option to redo them 4x if you don't want them to be a big part of the grade). Also the grading criteria for the peer graded assignments is a poor fit for the instructions (especially the final assignment!).

Overall, interesting, evidence-informed ideas about how to teach in interactive, inquiry-stimulating ways are given in lists in well presented lectures. Given how few of the concepts I saw well translated into my peers assignments, I do not imagine that the concepts will be realised in many people's teaching. I will certainly struggle to do so.

By Alvaro L

Mar 14, 2017

Me gustó mucho el curso. Los videos son llevaderos y fáciles de mirar. Si bien algunas estrategias de enseñanza parecen demasiado intuitivas, es muy común que nos olvidemos de ellas a la hora de enseñar ciencia. Volvernos concientes de su utilidad y ponerlas en práctica pueden mejorar muchísimo la calidad de nuestras clases.

I really liked the course very much! Some tips that seem to be quite intuitive are actually very infrequently in sciences classes. Using them could clearly increase the students chances to undestand some abstract and difficult concepts.

By Olga Z

Jan 24, 2023

I really liked the course. I just don't get why I got 99% at Harvard for a similar course, but just over 70% in this one. I really do not like the idea of peer review. In the future I will take courses that offer tests or at least not so many peer review tasks. I have been teaching for 20 years and I want my work to be judged by teachers, not other students with little experience.

By Victor H G

Aug 30, 2020

Excellent course! I have learned about strategies and techniques that will allow me to redefine the courses that I teach. The instructor presents the material in a very clear and practical way. The assignments were very useful to make me think about the possibilities of improving my teaching. I am sure I will rapidly put to practice what I have learned during this course.


May 28, 2022

Excelente curso. Aprendí muchas técnicas que a partir de ahora pondré en práctica para mejorar mi manera de dar clases y que sea una clase más entretenida para los alumnos. Me agradó mucho la parte de revisar tareas de otros compañeros porque de esta manera nos enteramos de otros temas además de que podemos utilizar técnicas que los demás utilizan y pueden apoyarnos

By Andreas B

Apr 30, 2020

Sehr lehrreicher, professioneller Kurs. Es hat Spass gemacht daran teilzunehmen. Besonders gut fand ich die Aufteilung der Themen, welche man dann einzeln verarbeiten konnte. Ausserdem ist es sehr praktisch, dass man die Videos mit 1.5-facher Geschwindigkeit laufen lassen kann.

By Agata Z

Feb 5, 2018

consient and well spoken, worth of Your time, very interesting and helping to teach not only at University but also children and others to let them become more fascinated with our subject, I hope that soon I will purchase that corse to be proud of having certificate

By Greis J C R

Jun 25, 2023

This course is not only for teaching at university, it is a great strategy to approach science. I enjoy the methodology used in this course, including a pretty downloaded summary for reviewing at any time. Amazing course! Thanks!


May 20, 2020

Very good thought provoking course for the educators. assignments of this course are very much helpful for any educator to reshape their teaching methods and help to improve effectiveness of their learning deliberation.

By Alejandro T

Mar 20, 2020

Highly recommended. It makes you fuel your neurotransmissors to think about good examples.

It is good to see Prof. Kai Niebert talking to you instead of reading to the camera as in other courses!

By Nemanja S

May 30, 2022

This course is well organised and gives many insides about teaching sciences. The assortment of helpful videos and summaries (K2Ps) are insightful and helped me to improve my teaching skills.