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Think Outside the Inbox: Email Marketing is the fourth of seven courses in the Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Certificate. This course will explore how to execute a successful email marketing campaign. Email marketing is one of the oldest and most proven digital marketing channels, and it is an essential component of an overall digital marketing strategy. Email is a primary channel for many businesses in reaching existing customers, encouraging interaction with the business, driving purchases, and building loyalty. In this course, you’ll explore email marketing and cover topics like: creating an email marketing strategy, executing email campaigns, and measuring the results of those campaigns. You’ll also learn how to use mailing lists and utilize automation and workflows. Google employees who currently work in the field will guide you, providing hands-on activities and examples that simulate common digital marketing and e-commerce tasks while showing you some of the best tools and resources used on the job. Learners who complete the seven courses in this program will be equipped to apply for entry-level jobs in digital marketing and e-commerce. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will be able to do the following: - Write effective preview text and subject lines using best practices - Create email marketing automation and workflows - Build and maintain email lists - Write effective email copy - Conduct contact management and list segmentation - Employ best practices to handle personally identifiable information, or PII, and user data safely - Measure and analyze email campaign results...

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Jan 7, 2024

Love this course. The delivery was perfect. Lots of practice exercises. Also taught goals setting and other important lessons. Major trouble is the difficulty with signing up for Constant Contact.


Oct 3, 2022

The concept of email marketing was completely new to me. The tutor in this course has gracefully explained different aspects of email marketing. I am extremely happy to gain this unique knowledge.

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By Michael P

Jun 28, 2022

This one was very repetitive and could have been much shorter. Most of it was common sense, and if you already have a marketing email tool you use, a lot of this stuff is already obvious/built in. Not as much value compared to some of the other courses.

By Chezney M

Aug 2, 2022

I failed the final assessment 5 times. I reviewed the content extensively and it simply wasn't enough information for the inter-changeability of the assessment. A large chunk seemed to be demonstrating the ability to apply marketing jargon, and if that is what needs to be measured, offer enough context for the student to be able to do so. A lack lustre definition of SMART dilineations and marketing segmentations was awful to test under. Also, do not focus on anecdotal speaking in the video component if that is a waste of time for the student; in this situation, it was. Rather than spending video time going on about off-road topics, *prepare the student for the assessment.* The more I find that these courses focus on idle information while setting up time-wasting quizzes asking for hyper-understandings of useless definitions, not caring about the student experience, the more I will go out of my way to offer reviews like this one. A brief course like this is not enough time or space for students to learn jargon that e-commerce university degrees would instill, so don't, *or cover the definitions enough to provide adequate proficiency.*

By Zafar I

Dec 19, 2022

A lot of the questions in the quiz have wrong answers. For example in the course material it was said that Demographic data would items such as Age, Gender, Income Level, Family status, whereas the choices provide didn't meet any of these criterion. Any one taking these courses will be build their knowledge of false information and concepts. Someone really need to review the quizzes to ensure they are accurate.

By Ho Q V

Oct 17, 2022

Thank you very much for your great job!

Lectures are presented very scientifically, easy to understand, easy to take notes for review. I feel the friendliness and energy from the instructors.

By Shabnam D

Oct 4, 2022

The concept of email marketing was completely new to me. The tutor in this course has gracefully explained different aspects of email marketing. I am extremely happy to gain this unique knowledge.

By Jerdi O

Jun 13, 2023

The program provided an in-depth analysis of the Email Marketing course. It explained every hidden trick to prosper in this aspect of Digital Marketing. I learned a lot from all of the materials.

By Rais H

Mar 14, 2024

Good morning, teachers. How was your night? I hope as you are doing well this morning, thanks to God. I am a citizen of Ukraine. I had medical business in the city of Truskavets in the Lviv Oblast of Ukraine. Likewise, I have a medical license in Ukraine. I have some experience with war. Now I want to get a career as a marketer and bookkeeper in the USA. I learned a lot from your course. I appreciate you, and I am very grateful for the knowledge that you give to people.

By Alisa S

Nov 2, 2023

Highly well-produced course. Of the four I've taken, this was by far, the best for: lesson organization, content covered, instructional design, hands-on experiences, copywriting, and above all - the actress presenting this module. She was engaging and therefore, I was engaged. I wish she could have done all of the courses. She can easily have a career as an actress or voiceover artist!

By Stephen S

Jan 8, 2024

Love this course. The delivery was perfect. Lots of practice exercises. Also taught goals setting and other important lessons. Major trouble is the difficulty with signing up for Constant Contact.

By Drithi J

Oct 31, 2022

The concept of email marketing was completely new to me. The tutor in this course has gracefully explained different aspects of email marketing. I am extremely happy to gain this unique knowledge.

By Samuel H K

May 16, 2023

Email marketing is wonder way to Increase sales, awareness and educate about your Product. In this Google course i learn this art of send emailing and engaging audience with brand and products

By Peiqi C

Sep 26, 2022

I've learn the complete concept of Email Marketing through this course, and most important is able to get lots of template for goal setting , data reporting purpose. Thanks Coursera :)

By Dorotea T

Oct 18, 2022

Very useful and said in a normal speed. I really learned a lot from this course. I only wish they could show us how to work with 1-2 the most popular email automation websites.

By Raina F

Jun 22, 2022

I can't say enough. Every course has been very well structured and put together. My only complaint, is I wish we had more access to the actual instructor for feed back.

By Archana A D

Nov 8, 2023

Best Presenter! Came back to the course everyday because of her. Thank you!

By Uchechukwu M A

Oct 20, 2023

Very very interesting and an even more interesting and engaging tutor.


Feb 3, 2024

I recently completed the 'Think Outside the Inbox: Email Marketing' course, and it exceeded my expectations. The content is well-structured, offering a comprehensive understanding of email marketing strategies. The real-world examples and practical insights provided by the instructors make the learning experience engaging and applicable. The course covers key aspects like segmentation, click-through rates, and conversion metrics, providing valuable insights for both beginners and experienced marketers. The interactive quizzes and assignments further enhance the learning process. Overall, I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to enhance their email marketing skills and stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

By kt

Dec 3, 2023

Really appreciated Miriam's insights as the Google expert instructor for Google Email Marketing. As a Google employee, she described the effects of the "imposter syndrome" as it related to the growth prospects and educational attainment of individuals, just like you and I, that would consider themselves "limited" in terms of their career development and progression. Loved how she emphasized, "when you become an expert marketer" or "as you develop marketing skills" to underscore the organizational benefits of reinforcing digital literacy and focusing on a "growth culture" for both a company and its employees. In joy!

By Robert J T

Mar 7, 2023

The instructor was excellent—just the right amount of enthusiasm and encouragement. She spoke well; I thought she was the best of the four so far.

The course itself was very informative and well worth my time and money. My only complaint was the final exam. It said that 53% of people did not pass this test on the first try. I can understand why. Even though I passed the examination on the first try (I only got 50% on the second time), it left much wiggle room regarding the right and wrong answers. The test at the end, I believe, should be rewritten.

- Bob


By Deleted A

Mar 13, 2023

Due to My Best Guide Miriam I gained a lot of understanding about email marketing. Her Way of explaining things is too good. She herself enjoyed while teaching all this. HHer Warm welcome for every new video, her motivation by saying that you'll become a best email coordinator really made me feel as if I am already one. She taught everything into detail and the activity part was too good. II'm Feeling confident after completing the entire course with activities by myself . Thankyou

By Pam G

Apr 17, 2024

Email marketing has been such an eye-opener for me! I never realized just how much creativity and potential it holds until diving into it. It's amazing to see how we can craft engaging messages and reach our audience in such personalized ways. I'm definitely leaning towards pursuing a career in digital marketing, and this experience has solidified that decision for me. Thank you for sharing your insights and sparking my interest even further!

By Tony P L

Jan 5, 2023

This course provides most of the essential skillset in email marketing. It offered me the opportunity to have some simple hand on experience in the automating email system and enough practice in writing effective commercial emails and preparing email marketing results. Most importantly, after I completed my practice assignment, this course gave me the example as the "answer key" so that I knew what I was exactly behind.

By Sergey M

Mar 16, 2023

I highly recommend this email marketing course! It covers everything from creating an email marketing strategy to executing campaigns and measuring results. The course is well-organized and easy to follow, and the instructors provide helpful tips and best practices. By the end of the course, you will have the skills and knowledge to create effective email campaigns that drive engagement, sales, and loyalty.

By Frank C

Jan 1, 2023

So far this instructor was the easiest to understand and follow. She has a good way of speaking without making it sound like she is reading from a teleprompter. As far as the course content goes, I think this one was the most useful so far since it deals with email which has more components than social media since its something you pay to use and have more control of the delivery process.

By White H

Apr 10, 2023

The lecturer is really an expert on the topic! What I just want to suggest is that I hope that the activities could be peer-reviewed instead of self-reviewed so that we can have a chance to see each others' work to gain insights and ideas and also to hear other students' ideas and opinions with each others' work. Overall, it's a great thing to have. Thank you!