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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Vector Calculus for Engineers by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

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About the Course

We cover both basic theory and applications. In the first week we learn about scalar and vector fields, in the second week about differentiating fields, in the third week about integrating fields. The fourth week covers the fundamental theorems of vector calculus, including the gradient theorem, the divergence theorem and Stokes’ theorem. These theorems are needed in core engineering subjects such as Electromagnetism and Fluid Mechanics. Instead of Vector Calculus, some universities might call this course Multivariable or Multivariate Calculus or Calculus 3. Two semesters of single variable calculus (differentiation and integration) are a prerequisite. The course is organized into 42 short lecture videos, with a few problems to solve following each video. And after each substantial topic, there is a short practice quiz. Solutions to the problems and practice quizzes can be found in instructor-provided lecture notes. There are a total of four weeks to the course, and at the end of each week there is an assessed quiz. Lecture notes can be downloaded from

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May 23, 2020

i have completed Three courses of Professor Jeffrey. I'm so happy that i learnt a lot from him. Thanks to our professor Jeffrey and thanks to The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.


Aug 02, 2020

This course is very well organized and well explained. I am very much thankful to Prof Jeffrey R. Chasnov for his fruitful videos which help us to update our knowledge in this area.

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By Stephan L

Feb 17, 2020

Well designed and implemented. Lecturer presents the material well and the notes are a model of what MOOC course notes should be like. Lot's of practice problems with sample solutions to work on which for a technical course like this is the only way you'll learn the material. My thanks to Professor Chasnov for putting in the work to create this.

By Vaishnavi S A

May 13, 2020

This course is very helpful . The instructor Sir were very clear in their explanations . The knowledge he gave is very useful . Overall course design is also great.

By subhasree b

Jan 30, 2020

teaching is very extraordinary. I wish to have some more assignments, but it is quite well.

By Ian B

Jan 24, 2020

Jeffrey Chasnov has a good command of the subject and is a good communicator. The course is well laid out and his PDF textbook is a great resource for the course and will be useful to the student for future work in mathematics and the sciences.

By Smita S N

May 25, 2020

The course was very systematically designed. It gave us practice problems once the concept is covered. But 4th module was a bit tough. The professor taught it excellently.

By Hrishabh S

May 25, 2020

Really good instructor. Explains every concept patiently and clearly in a lucid language. The course really strengthened my calculus foundations. Loved it!

By V V V S S P S S

Apr 15, 2020

This material is very useful for our career, I liked gauss divergence and stokes theorems and applications.

By Arthur Z

Feb 26, 2020

Very high-quality instruction and documentation from a very talented instructor.

By ka

Feb 16, 2020

Excellent course on the subject.

By George G

Jul 15, 2020

Some parts were more difficult. The introduction to Levi-Civita Tensor and Kronecker delta I found to be a completely new area and took a bit of work to get a hold on it. I thought the practice exercises were very useful and would like to see more of them. The course was quite packed with material and one had to be prepared to devote time to it. The chance to successfully work out a puzzle or two was an attraction to me. I found the use of cylindrical co-ordinates etc quite tricky and would have appreciated more on the basic notions, maybe via practice problems. Some of the answers for the w4 assessment came from the practice exercises and this made it a bit trivial. Overall I got to like the material but it did need perseverance. I would have like to have see more discussions about tricky bits on the forum but it not seem to happen. I suspect the time for the course is maybe a bit short. Thanks for the chance to explore and puzzle out some new concepts. Keep up the good work.


Jun 15, 2020

In my humble opinion every engineer should take this course. The instructor is highly organized and presents the concepts in a facile manner. I have become a fan of his creative teaching methodology. I hope he keeps benefiting all by offering courses in some other useful topics like partial differential equations, integral transforms, complex variables, tensors, ... Thank you tons Professor Chasnov. I wish the BEST comes your way for such dedicated service to the world community! God bless you.

By Brendon L

Jun 03, 2020

Professor Chasnov is a gifted lecturer with a gift for delivering intuitive and accessible explanations of some very abstract mathematical concepts. The course notes he provides are likewise quite excellent. One of my favorite features of this course is that it focuses on teaching you how to actually *do* problems in vector calculus. You'll learn a lot if you take and finish this course.

By Nihaar T

Jun 24, 2020

This is a magnificent and top-notch course! The professor is very student-friendly and explains all the concepts in very good detail. Even difficult topics are made to look easy. The structure, organization, content and the flow of the course are very well-maintained and excellently planned. Overall, it is a course I would recommend to everyone trying to learn Vector Calculus.

By Arowosegbe D O

Jun 26, 2020

The course topics were arranged accordingly to help students understand each of them completely using knowledge from previous topics and also serving as a sort of revision for previous topics. The lecture also had examples that made it easier to understand the topics and layout for the course. The questions were okay and reliable feedback after submission.


May 01, 2020

It has been a pleasure to study with prof Chesnov. I had difficulties to deal with Einstein Sommation Convention (the fundamental rules of this game were not explicitly given, I found them some other place) and to get some gradient calculus in spherical coordinates.

But as I said, the total amount of joy exceeds the sum of the pains!

Thank you

By Oren L

Jul 25, 2020

Excellent overview. I took vector calc in university about 15 years ago and needed a detailed refresher for my current job. Tha God, Prof. Chasnov, comes through once again. I've actually taken all 3 of his elementary engineering math courses over the last couple months, and they are all excellent. Thank you!

By Chloe M G

Jun 04, 2020

brilliant teaching style and the professor makes the hardest of concepts easier to grasp. Would recommend 10/10 to anyone who is going to/has done engineering at university, as this helped me finally understand concepts of degree i was doing that i just could not understand with the university explanations.

By Navneet R

Jun 17, 2020

Absolutely loved this course by Prof. Jeff Chasnov. Being an engineering undergraduate student i found it difficult to grasp the concepts of the vector calculus class i had at mt University. This course greatly helped me bridge that gap and rekindle my confidence in multi variable calculus.


Aug 02, 2020

This is a very good course. It covers a lot of ground in a clear manner but it don't think they have allowed enough time for students to get fully familiar with something before the course moves on to the next topic. Each of the last two weeks should be expanded to two week each.


Mar 09, 2020

Awesome course! I could have used more detail in the solutions given for some of the derivations at the end. This might just be because I haven't taken any physics yet. This course was a huge help in getting a handle on the divergence theorem, Green's theorem and Stokes' theorem!

By Timur C

May 27, 2020

Lectures notes came very handy, a lot of good stuff there. Prof. Chasnov compresess information to the core essentials so i recommend using some complementory material as you pass his course. Overall great experience looking forward for his diff equations course!

By Holger W

Jul 28, 2020

Very good course, clear explanations, helpful examples and exercises and on top an excellent tutorial!

Trainer is very good in explaining these mathematical concepts. One of the best online courses I came across so far :-)

By Vishwajeet V K

Jun 16, 2020

The content is excellent for a four week course. The technique of delivery is awesome. Learner doesn't lose interest at any point. It also gives insights about the application of the multi-variable calculus.

By Dr.J.Uma

Jun 01, 2020

This course was very useful and In a very short duration this subject covers all important aspects. We could understand it very easily because of the clear and easy explanation from the expert instructor

By Dr. A K

May 23, 2020

i have completed Three courses of Professor Jeffrey. I'm so happy that i learnt a lot from him. Thanks to our professor Jeffrey and thanks to The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.