10 Non-technical Jobs in Tech and How to Get Them

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Are you interested in working in technology without a tech degree? Discover 10 in-demand positions in this fast-paced industry available without a tech degree and requiring little to no technical skills.

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The technology industry is a vibrant, resilient sector that has weathered its fair share of challenges over the past few years but faces the future with hope and a focus on innovation. It continues growing and thriving, offering ample opportunities even to those without a tech degree or extensive technical skills. 

A company cannot thrive on technical skills alone—a diverse set of strengths is necessary to produce a productive and successful team. In fact, 43 percent of technical companies hire non-technical employees, according to 2018 research from Glassdoor [1]. These jobs include management positions, recruitment titles, and analyst positions.

For many, the allure of working in an industry marked by innovation and a fast-paced atmosphere, along with robust chances for earning a solid salary and enjoying career advancements, are among the chief benefits of getting a non-technical job in tech. However, when considering your career path, it’s essential to look at the specialized jobs in the field and pursue one that appropriately aligns with your passions, goals, and expertise.

10 non-technical jobs in tech

As technical jobs are available in every industry, including finance, manufacturing, public administration, health care, education, and more, those seeking a non-technical role in the tech industry also have many options. The non-technical roles available vary widely, from finding talented individuals to add to the team to leveraging marketing strategies to advertise the company’s brand.

Let’s examine some non-technical positions and their average annual base salary according to March 2024 data to help illuminate the possibilities. 

1. Business analyst

Average annual base salary: $90,523 [2]

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in business administration, finance, or accounting. Taking a course in computer programming and business techniques may be helpful.

A business analyst creates solutions to operational problems. You might think of this role as the bridge between stakeholders and technology, using the latter to help meet organizational goals and optimize business processes for efficiency and costs. You will use data and information to determine whether or not the company is on the right path. Someone who succeeds in a business analyst position should have workplace skills like communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving to make logical decisions about the future of the business. 

2. Technical writer

Average annual base salary: $76,121 [3]

Requirements: Bachelor's degree in English, information technology, or business; experience as a research assistant in a technical field

A technical writer educates people on how to use particular products or services. This highly specialized position may focus on various fields, including medicine, marketing, software, business, engineering, and education. As a technical writer, you will prepare documents, instruction manuals, and articles related to their specialization to create more digestible content for a client. Popular skills to become a successful technical writer include writing, communication, editing, and audience knowledge. 

3. Product manager

Average annual base salary: $123,115 [4]

Requirements: Bachelor's degree in business management with a business background

As a product manager, you would oversee the production of a product or service that a company provides. This dynamic job is also among the highest-paying non-tech jobs in technology. The role is multifaceted and comprehensive, requiring the ability to consult and work with other teams, including engineering and marketing, to develop a thorough understanding of the product and the value it offers customers and clients. In this position, you will meet customer expectations by understanding the desires of various consumers.

Essential skills to obtain for this position are communications, business, research, and analysis. Product managers oversee teams from the beginning of a project to the end, making them an essential part of a successful business. You will be involved in the product, from brainstorming and strategizing to development, release, and reporting.

4. Customer success manager

Average annual base salary: $88,042 [5]

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in business or marketing; customer service experience

As a customer success manager, you will act as the bridge between the customer and the company. This consultative position aims to meet clients' needs, gain support for a company, and provide solutions to customer issues. You will need skills like active listening, empathy, and problem-solving, all of which contribute to positive relationship management. The specific duties in this position depend on the company and client needs but share a general goal of customer satisfaction through valuing the customer's needs. 

5. Tech recruiter

Average annual base salary: $71,654 [6]

Requirements: Bachelor's degree in human resources management or information technology

Also referred to as a human resources specialist, a tech recruiter focuses on assisting in onboarding technical employees in the workplace. In this position, you may scout technical talent for the workplace and conduct interviews to find the right candidate for a technical position in IT, data science, or engineering. You should develop familiarity with tools like databases and employment websites to help you connect with potential candidates. Additional skills you will need to succeed as a technical recruiter include organization, customer service, and time management.

6. Sales rep

Median annual US salary: $70,852 [7]

Requirements: Bachelor's degree in business or marketing

You will need some technical knowledge to work as a sales rep for a tech company and familiarity with the products and services you sell. Developing these insights may require training to help you understand the product lifecycle and details that potential customers will want to know. You will primarily help connect customers with the company and its products and services. As such, you will focus on developing and maintaining strong customer relationships and identifying new opportunities. As a sales rep, you must have marketing knowledge and familiarity with the sales process, experience in business administration, and solid communication skills. 

7. Content manager

Median annual US salary: $62,173 [8]

Requirements: Bachelor's degree in marketing, communications, or English

Content marketing is a powerful tool for any company, requiring skilled professionals to keep up with the trends and maximize its effectiveness. As a content manager for a tech company, you will work with the company to help establish the brand’s identity and voice, oversee content creation and publishing, and connect non-tech customers with the products and services that can help solve their challenges or improve their lives. You will need a mix of creative and tactical skills to manage the content, oversee other content producers, and collaborate with other teams while positively impacting the business.

8. Operations manager

Median annual US salary: $77,729 [9]

Requirements: Bachelor's degree in business, management, or a related field; Project Management Professional certification may be beneficial

As an operations manager, you will ensure your company remains organized and on time regarding how it operates its systems. You will oversee optimizing business processes, ensure products meet quality control standards, support human resources, manage operational resources and budgeting, and deliver detailed reports to leaders and decision-makers. You'll need risk analysis, planning, management, and communication skills.

9. Marketing manager 

Average annual base salary: $80,907 [10]

Requirements: Bachelor's degree in communications, business, or a related field.

A marketing manager creates and oversees campaigns for products and services.  As a marketing manager for a tech company, you’ll play an active role in helping engineers and developers understand customers’ wants and needs. You’ll also develop campaigns and strategies to support product launches and increase brand awareness. Additional duties may include brainstorming new initiatives, working within a budget to improve marketing techniques, or monitoring web-based customers. As a marketing manager, you’ll need strong leadership, organizational, and creative skills. 

10. Financial analyst

Average annual base salary: $79,269 [11]

Requirements: Bachelor's degree in mathematics, finance, statistics, or a related field. A Chartered Financial Analyst Certification may be helpful.

As a financial analyst, you will work with your company’s historical and current financial data to help make financial decisions for the business. You’ll research trends, create financial models to assess risk, provide detailed reporting to aid decision-makers and inform financial strategies. You will need strong skills in mathematics and accounting to perform your duties, which may also include assessing the organization’s financial interests, such as investments and stock performance.

Getting started in the tech industry with Coursera

As you can see, you have ample opportunities within the technology sector without working in a strictly technical position. Still, some tech skills may be valuable even for a non-tech role.

Explore your interests or emerging technologies related to your career field with online courses on Coursera. For example, you can build a solid foundation with a beginner-friendly program like IBM’s Key Technologies for Business Specialization. This three-course series covers topics like artificial intelligence, data science, and cloud computing and their impact on the business landscape. You can also gain more focused skills with the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate, one of many technology-focused credentials you can pursue to enhance your skills and resume. 

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