葉丙成 Ping-Cheng Yeh (Benson)



葉丙成,號丙紳,現任台大電機系副教授、台大 MOOC 計畫執行長。自幼觀父葉勝年教授對生徒之關懷,而立後受台大電機許博文老師「教授稱謂實不如師,多未傳道、解惑故」之啟發,輔以天生雞婆性格,漸步上熱血教師一途。其為師也,富熱情,常難忍教學一成不變。時於臉書輔導學子求學、人生之惑,後撰文部落格以惠同惑者,傳閱者眾。庚寅年某日見某生於課堂度孤,當夜不能寐。翻滾至五更,幡然悟得「by the students, for the students, of the students」之心法。自此教學通脫不拘,大開大闔,開發各式獨特教學法。教學深具特色,多有口碑,其簡報與表達課程收徒四十,初選常達數百眾。摘其教學創舉如下:他是有史第一個在國際舞台 (Coursera) 以華語對萬人講學、互動的老師。他是台灣第一個設計體驗式簡報教學法,讓小學生打大學生期末簡報分數的老師。他是世界第一個將大規模開放式線上課程 (MOOC) 變成多人競技線上遊戲的老師。他是當代第一個推行「緣源流機率文學創作」的老師。對了,他...應該也是第一個綁馬尾見校長的台大電機老師...

Ping-Cheng (Benson) Yeh is an EE professor at NTU with great passion in teaching. He has pioneered many educational experiments and designs: He is the first to teach a MOOC (Coursera) course in Chinese with over eleven thousand students. He is the first in the world to design a MOOC-based multi-student social game to enhance the learning experience of the MOOC students. He is the first to design various experiential learning schemes and build an E-learning platform to offer a regular college course on “Presentation Skills” in Taiwan. He is the first to create and promote the style of designing mathematical problems with creative literary writing. Since 2010, Prof. Yeh has been a strong advocator of his teaching philosophy: “by the students, for the students, of the students”. It states that students can be motivated to learn if the teachers can share more responsibility with the students, for instance, let students design their own homework problems. Prof. Yeh’s speeches have motivated many teachers to start thinking differently in teaching. Influenced by his father, Prof. Sheng-Nian Yeh, and inspired by Prof. Po-Wen Hsu of NTUEE, Prof. Yeh is devoted in student counseling. He also constantly writes blog articles to help resolve students’ confusions about life and learning. The articles are shared among many students. Prof. Yeh is currently the director of NTU MOOC Program. He is also possibly the first NTUEE professor to meet his university president with ponytail...