Jeff Grossman

Data Science and Engineering SME


Jeff has a background in Pure Mathematics, Geophysical Signal & Image Processing, Medical Imaging, and Data Science & Engineering. Jeff has built his career around data and algorithm development, and is founder of 617 Data Solutions Inc., where his focus is on guiding companies along their data science journey towards data-driven decision-making. His company has a strategic partnership with the Data and Analytics Team at MLT (Missing Link Technologies), led by Wilco van Ginkel. By building a solid and relevant data foundation from day one, 617 Data Solutions and its partners set the stage for actionable intelligence to flourish through customized data extraction & integration, visualization, automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Jeff loves to collaborate and give back to the community: he serves as a Subject Matter Expert at Skill-Up Technologies, developing data-related educational content (IBM/Coursera courses), and volunteers with CAMDEA Digital Forum as Associate Member, Alberta, Canada.