Shameek Sinha



Shameek Sinha’s research explores the methodological foundations of consumer and firm decision making, with specific emphasis on the direct marketing domain, especially optimal targeting by firms and corresponding consumer response. Questions which he tries to address through this research include – “How do firms determine optimal marketing strategies which facilitates efficient consumer value creation?”; “How do consumers respond to firm’s strategies taken into consideration the existing market environment and budget constraints?”; He applies Bayesian econometric methods to develop statistical models to address these issues. The application domain of his research extends from the non-profit sector to the retail sector. Shameek has also developed interests in applied industrial organization and operations research where he uses game theoretic insights to understand channel coordination through contractual negotiation and bargaining between asymmetrical firms. Questions which he seeks to explore are – “Do asymmetric bargaining power between firms influence contract terms in negotiation?”; “Is there any mechanism which can be designed to determine optimal outcomes in contracts?” Shameek has presented his research in international conferences, more specifically at the INFORMS Marketing Science Conferences and Doctoral Consortiums. At IE Business School, he teaches Marketing Fundamentals and Marketing Strategy for Decision Making in the MIM and IMBA programs.