Serena Yeung

Assistant Professor


Serena Yeung is an Assistant Professor of Biomedical Data Science and, by courtesy, of Computer Science and of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. She is also affiliated with Stanford’s Clinical Excellence Research Center, and serves as an Associate Director of Data Science for the Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine & Imaging. Dr. Yeung’s research focuses on computer vision, machine learning, and deep learning, for interpreting diverse types of visual data ranging from video capture of human behavior, to medical images and cell microscopy images. She is also active in teaching and education, and her graduate-course lectures on deep learning in computer vision have been publicly released by Stanford and collectively viewed over a million times online. Prior to her current role at Stanford, Dr. Yeung was a Technology for Equitable and Accessible Medicine (TEAM) Fellow at Harvard University, and she has also served on the National Institute of Health's Advisory Committee to the Director Working Group on Artificial Intelligence.