Ross Maynard

Seasoned Consultant and Author, Empowering Learners with Practical Business Insights


    With over three decades of experience in process improvement consultancy and business authorship, I'm committed to catalyzing impactful change. My approach is rooted in action, aiming to inspire and support individuals and organizations through challenges and growth. As a seasoned instructor, my focus lies in crafting and delivering enriching online business courses, meticulously tailored to empower learners with practical insights and tools for success. At the heart of my course offerings lies a deep understanding of key business concepts. From KPIs tailored for SMEs to the intricacies of building a Spreadsheet Forecasting Model, each course is meticulously designed to foster meaningful learning experiences. I delve into topics ranging from Customer KPIs to Lean Awareness, bridging theory with real-world applications. Moreover, my dedication extends beyond course creation—I actively engage with clients through webinars, collaborating with esteemed institutions like the ACCA and training providers across North America. Beyond the virtual classroom, my expertise transcends industries, particularly within healthcare process improvement. Specializing in primary care, I've collaborated with healthcare providers nationwide, facilitating improvement teams and offering invaluable insights in performance management and problem-solving. My journey, spanning roles from Management Consultant to Senior Advisor, reflects a commitment to driving excellence and innovation across diverse sectors.