Bioinformatician, PhD. My research interests are in whole genome sequencing typing and epidemiology, short and long time evolution in bacterial genomes and population structure of mainly foodborne pathogens. Of scientific highlights were linking the evaluation of using WGS in sub-typing and outbreak detection of Salmonella enterica, the discovery of a virulent fragment unique to S. Typhimurium ST313 and S. Dublin and the long and short-term evolution and global epidemiology of S. Typhimurium DT104. My other research interest is applying WGS in food safety and public health with the main focus on antimicrobial resistance. My current work includes whole genome sequencing analysis within the EU Reference Laboratory for Antimicrobial Resistance. In addition, I facilitated and conducted for 8 international bioinformatics training courses for 5 countries in whole genome sequencing data analysis for detection of foodborne pathogens, antimicrobial resistance and sub-typing. Additionally, I also facilitated and conducted a massive online open course on “whole genome sequencing of bacterial genomes – tools and applications” which is one of the online courses in coursera. I have co-supervised four PhD students in genomic epidemiology including antimicrobial resistance and source attribution using whole genome sequencing. I am author of 24 peer-reviewed published in international refereed journals; 8 as first author and a book chapter. I have conducted research with 75 scientists in 20 countries. The highest-ranking journal is PNAS.