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Hello everyone! Welcome to advanced neurobiology! Neuroscience is a wonderful branch of science on how our brain perceives the external world, how our brain thinks, how our brain responds to the outside of the world, and how during disease or aging the neuronal connections deteriorate. We’re trying to understand the molecular, cellular nature and the circuitry arrangement of how nervous system works. Through this course, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of basic neuroanatomy, electral signal transduction, movement and several diseases in the nervous system. This advanced neurobiology course is composed of 2 parts (Advanced neurobiology I and Advanced neurobiology II, and the latter will be online later). They are related to each other on the content but separate on scoring and certification, so you can choose either or both. It’s recommended that you take them sequentially and it’s great if you’ve already acquired a basic understanding of biology. Thank you for joining us!...

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May 11, 2019

All information on this course is very useful for me. Now I can without any problem understand the hard themes in neurobiology. Thank you.


Aug 16, 2020

The information on this course is so useful and helped me to understand the brain functions and many process.

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Jan 14, 2019

This course is very difficult not only due to the study material but also due to lack of energy. the professors are not very good at english speaking. and there are many errors related to the subject i found in the videos. i m opting out of this course. education should be fun and learning. this is no fun at all.

By S V

Dec 27, 2017

I am surprised and disappointed at the quality of this class. Most Coursera classes are high quality, easy to understand, and educational. This class does not serve the standards as the other Coursera classes. I can hardly understand the speaker, half of the slides are in English the other half in Chinese which is extremely distracting, the script the speaker talks isn't at a professional level. I only use this class to get an outline of neurobiology. Thankfully, there are other Coursera neurobiology classes which deliver high content and are very educational. This course is a joke in comparison to the other ones. Please remove this course from Coursera. It is very frustrating for most of the users who are trying to master this subject seriously.

By Kamilya S

Apr 22, 2018

The instructors for this course are sub par at best, not presenting the information in a clear manner. Even having a degree in Neuroscience didn't help me go through their densely packed lectures at ease, and only my previous knowledge allowed me to struggle through this course.

By Djana R

Jan 9, 2018

This is a basic Neurobiology badly presented. It`s a simple, slow reading from slices with strong accent.

Rapid multiple change between different views. Slides - a mess of English and Chinese.

Not recommended!

By Bonnie W

Nov 25, 2018

Very difficult to understand oral presentation; slides can't be printed as handouts--must print one to a page; and some diagrams only in Chinese. Dropped out at week three.

By Camilo H

Jan 10, 2021

As other users have mentioned the course lacks the expected quality. I´d like to give as description as to why this is.

First, The first three modules are given by proffessor Yan Zhang, she seems to be reading a text that she has just seen for the first time, makes many mistakes, and even contradicts herself at some points, it´s obvious that she posseses the knowledge, but unfortunatly it´s also obvious that´s the first time she saw the paper she was reading, she even seems to be surprised at some points. I think the university could have tried a second or third shot when filming the classes, instead of just presenting the first shot with all its mistakes.

Second, the course is classified as requiring an intermidiate level, I´m a psychologist with great interest in neurosciences I´ve done other neuroscience courses ( the three EdX courses on nueroscience) so I thought I would classify as an intermidiate level student. To be honest throughout the whole course many times I saw videos talking about themes I had studied in the past, and every time I thought to myself " the only reason I´m understanding is because I already know what they are talking about, If I didn´t know the subject the explanation given in this course wouldn´t had sufficed". And so, when I was faced with themes I had never studied before, for example the role of calcium in the creation of new NMDA receptors in the post synaptic membrane, I found myself completely lost. I had to go to other resources to find proper explanations. Two things surprised me about this. First, the amount of users mentioning the same problems as I was having was astonishing, I just had to go to the forums to see every question I had had already been asked multiple times, at the beginning I thought I wasn´t paying proper attention, but seeing this, made it obvious, the videos weren´t clear. The good thing about this is that in the forums you will easily find external resources that explain the subjects properly. The second thing that surprised me was the fact that this so complex subjects that I wasn´t understanding, weren´t that complex at all, and with some papers, videos or even explanations from other users I could easily understand what the teachers were trying to explain.

Third, similar to what happens with the first three modules, were in doesn´t look like they placed much effort in recording a proper video, just went with the first try, its similar with the other 5 modules. These modules on the other hand are videos of professor Yulong Li dictating a class. Once again the audio is not very clear and the subtitles don´t help that much, they are automatically generated, so in every video you will frequently find the INAUDIBLE word, or words wrongly subtitled, I think every time professor Li said Voltage gated, the translation read “wattage”. On the other hand the quizzes, in some I found very tricky but interesting questions, in one I found a direct contradiction with what professor Zhang said, and in others, specially towards the end I thought I had spaced out of the classes, the questions they were asking, I had absolutely no idea, just to find out that some questions corresponded to information of modules that hadn´t been studied yet, so I was trying to answer questions I didn´t understand because they were wrongly placed.

There is no doubt I learned a lot with this course, a lot. But I did so through external sources. The course should be the source of learning, but in this case the course gives you the subjects you should study and then you go to other sources. I learned I had to learn about the role of the SNARE complex in a deeper manner, and I did so with other videos, the same goes for many other themes studied. To finish, it just looks as the Pekin university didn´t have a second look at this course to try an correct any mistakes, ( there is even a class were professor Li says to camera, while talking about the Nobel prizes, “edit that out”, not even that they took out of the videos, did they actually do any editing? I think Pekin university has to check a lot of this course before offering in a platform as coursera. That being said, and reading other feedbacks I will take the advanced neuro biology II course, knowing I will learn a lot, and hopping I do so with the course and not through external sources.

By Dorothy H

May 2, 2016

This course is useless and perhaps even harmful.

The professors would have done much better if they had taught the class in their native Chinese language and then got a really good translator to make subtitles in English.

I tried turning off the sound and just watching the presentation while reading the subtitles, but even this was so badly done in terms of language and presentation, that although I desperately wanted to take a course in advanced neurobiology, I felt that this course could actually destroy my love for the subject or teach me things that are incorrect because of language mistakes.

If you are not a native speaker of English then by all means steer even further clear as you will learn some very bad English habits and pronunciation.

I'm sure the profs' English ability is fine for collaborating with other professionals who already know the material, but teaching in English was a big mistake.

Again, I highly suggest they re-do the entire thing in Chinese and get really good translations and subtitles made and then I think it could be an awesome course. Now, as is, it would be truly foolish to take this course.

By prathyusha j

Aug 25, 2019

I learnt somerhing new by dz course, i was vry useful to us, thnq so much ,

By Renate G

Feb 17, 2018

Left brain boring listing of names. Very bad pronunciation.

By Bruno B

Mar 10, 2021

The class was good, but the slides were often hard to read, not very clear and the quizzes seemed sometimes not really connected to the materials of the class.

By George G

Apr 6, 2021

Outstanding course and teachers! I learning a lot and enjoyed doing it. Highly recommended course.

By Roberto A S S

Oct 24, 2017

Excellent information. Thank you for your recompilations and Time.

By Joseph P O

Aug 31, 2018

Great course but the lecture was challenging due to some pronociation.

By A M V

Jul 19, 2017

Los vídeos son claves para poder ir realizando el curso, las explicaciones a medida que avanza el curso son mas claras. El material es muy interesante y genera un desafió para aprender las nuevas formas y mecanismos de estudios y sus avances.

El gran problema: nunca pude bajar el material inicial, y tampoco responden para dar soluciones.

By Ana M M

Oct 11, 2018

a great curse for know all about the basics concepts of neurobiology. I ´m study the máster and i can learning and remember things. So Thank you very much.


Jan 14, 2023

it easy to understand the topic under neurobiology and i gain some knowledge about neurons.

By Luis R P M

Jul 4, 2017

really nice course to understand the principles and knowledge of the neurobiology,

By Nelson C

Apr 20, 2016

Muy buen curso, bastante extenso pero me parece excelente, he aprendido mucho

By Matthew S

May 20, 2018

I really enjoyed this. The lectures were excellent.

By Alice Z

Sep 26, 2017

A bit jagged in places but a very good explanation.

By Raphaela G

May 7, 2016

Great course! I loved the teachers!

By 刘自珍

Jan 3, 2019

very useful teachers are great

By Jaida S S

Mar 30, 2017

easily understood

By Albert C C

Jul 25, 2017

Muy buen curso.

By φr. G S

Nov 17, 2018