Indian Institute for Human Settlements
The Art and Science of Economic Policy
Indian Institute for Human Settlements

The Art and Science of Economic Policy

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Aromar Revi
Ajay Shah
Vijay L Kelkar

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What you'll learn

  • Identify the role of the government in defining and implementing policy

  • Recognise the various objective aspects of policymaking, and appreciate the various softer / people aspects involved

  • Analyse the steps involved in the process of policymaking, and discuss various nuances and challenges in defining and implementing it

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There are 6 modules in this course

Welcome to The Art and Science of Economic Policy (TASEP). The goal of this course is to help you understand the why, when, what, and how of economic policymaking. In this module, you will get an overview of what to expect from this course. You will also meet your instructors and have the opportunity to meet your fellow learners. We hope this module helps you familiarise yourself with the course and its contents so you are prepared to learn most effectively from the following set of modules.

What's included

2 videos3 readings2 discussion prompts1 plugin

This module introduces you to the foundational concepts surrounding governance. Together, we will reflect on questions such as why we need a government, and what its duties and responsibilities are. We will also look at examples from the past where governments have faltered, its reasons, and the possible solutions. Happy learning!

What's included

5 videos10 readings1 quiz3 discussion prompts

In this module, you will learn about objective concepts and principles relating to policymaking that can help us with decision making – behavioural economics, pricing, competition, and root cause analysis. These concepts are supported with strong relevant examples to aid your understanding.

What's included

9 videos11 readings1 quiz1 discussion prompt

In this module, you will switch gears and look at policymaking from the people or society perspective. The ideas and concepts discussed in this module are more subjective, such as understanding context, finding value in patience, appreciating nuances of complexity and conflict, and knowing the power of transparency.

What's included

9 videos9 readings1 quiz1 discussion prompt

This module introduces you to the different stages and processes of policymaking. You will also learn about the need for the state to prepare for policy implementation and the benefits of creating collaborative pathways between government and academic institutions. You will hear about many examples relating to these ideas, and you will find it particularly beneficial to participate in the discussion forums in this module.

What's included

5 videos7 readings2 quizzes

We hope you found this course informative and useful for your current work or academic needs. Thank you very much for being part of the course. In the concluding video, we round up the ideas discussed in this course and each of the instructors share their parting notes on how you can translate concepts from this course into your own practice.

What's included

1 video1 plugin


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4.6 (31 ratings)
Aromar Revi
Indian Institute for Human Settlements
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Ajay Shah
2 Courses6,079 learners
Vijay L Kelkar
Indian Institute for Human Settlements
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