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About the Course

This is the second course in the Google Data Analytics Certificate. You’ll build on your understanding of the topics that were introduced in the first course of this certificate program. The material will help you learn how to ask effective questions, make data-driven decisions, and meet stakeholders’ needs. Current Google data analysts will instruct and provide you with hands-on ways to accomplish common data analytics tasks. Learners who complete this certificate program will be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as data analysts. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will: - Learn about effective questioning techniques that can help guide analysis. - Gain an understanding of data-driven decision-making and how data analysts present findings. - Explore a variety of real-world business scenarios as an example of questioning and decision-making. - Discover how and why spreadsheets are an important tool for data analysts. - Examine the key ideas associated with structured thinking and how they can help analysts better understand problems and develop solutions. - Learn strategies for managing the expectations of stakeholders while establishing clear communication with a data analytics team to achieve business objectives....

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Aug 20, 2021

i love the course as it helped me understand the importance of asking the right questions, understanding the problem and expectations of stakeholders and impotance and the right way of communicatilon.


Mar 31, 2021

I just finished the 2nd Course in the Google Data Analyst course - even though I have experience in the field, this course reminded of areas that I should focus on and work to strengthen my skills in.

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By Linar D

Dec 28, 2022

It was very difficult to complete this course. No. it is not difficult. It is BORING . They explain basic things over and over again. Repeating them twice and more. A brief introduction would be enough! People need PRACTICAL stuff, not theoretical.

By Parsa R

Sep 7, 2023

"I requested to have access to this course for free, and you agreed. Now, it's asking me to enter credit card or bank account information. I'm a recent immigrant and don't have a bank account or credit card yet. Please help me."

By Farhan A B

Dec 24, 2022

The course is good but the way Coursera counts minutes of Quiz is pathetic. It didn't bother to stop the time when I paused it due to an urgent errand and failed me in the course Quiz. Please improve the interface.


Sep 10, 2022

Well, a 30-minute YouTube video will teach you way more than any of the content in this course. I suggest skipping these courses and heading towards YouTube if you really want to learn data analytics.

By Jackson C

Nov 20, 2022

i am unable to unenroll from this when i didnt mean to enroll in it yet and its going to fail me because i cant take the quizzes before due date , idk why there isnt an option for me to unenroll.

By Angel E

Jun 10, 2023

Really crappy. After I completed all lessons and quizzes that took me weeks, it delete my grades as if I never did anything. On top, unreachable customer service.

By Justas M

Mar 6, 2023

ROI in this course very low. Only basic excel function like min, max, sum, average, and a lot of common sense stuff what to do and what not to do...

By Oğuzhan D G

Oct 14, 2023

How about improving by adding your introductionary courses to the other courses' inside, spreading is so appriciable? Thank you for reading my post.

By Sheeraz A

Jun 16, 2024

too many fillers, irrelevant content, no unity or coherence in content. felt like its for fifth grade students. Disappointed.

By Amel S

May 17, 2024

J'ai sollicité votre aide de financement de ma formation mais là vous me bloquez à chaque fois me demandant le paiement !

By Aidan L

Feb 13, 2024

This course does not teach data analytics (how to add value with data analysis). It teaches tools used in data analytics.

By Rayhan K A W

Mar 26, 2023

I've finished everything in this course yet it didn't get detected by coursera, so I didn't get my specialization lolz

By Bader A A

Oct 2, 2023

waste of time no technical/programming knowledge more "business"/ethics which should have been covered in part 1


Aug 22, 2023

There is an error on my certificate, The name on the certificate is Onyeka Onyeka instead of Onyeka Francis.

By Joannie B

Jul 24, 2023

This course is a little too general and is only suitable for students with no work experience in any field.

By Ebrahim F

Dec 21, 2022

Really boring context.

You could have showed the same content with less than half of the videos duration.

By Kristina L

Jun 2, 2024

Not descriptive enough and does not help you create examples, relies too much on your own imagination

By Carney A

Sep 6, 2022

Compare to the first course, this course was the worst experience immeidately in the first week.

By Neeti K

Jul 12, 2023

why it is showing maintenance work is going on since more than 2 months. please help


Oct 12, 2022

I Have mistakenly enrolled in this course. Please let me know how to unenroll.

By Anushka S

Mar 31, 2023

i have completed the course but it is showing in the in progress pane

By johnny D

Oct 12, 2023

it wont let me progress... it keeps saying i have to many tabs open

By Kyla M

May 29, 2023

Same as the first course, useless if you have any background at all

By Lynn C

Apr 26, 2023

Bureaucratic communication skills that is implicative and useless

By Jennifer L R

May 29, 2022

I have learned absolutely nothing of value in this course so far.