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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Enterprise Systems by University of Minnesota

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About the Course

This course provides you with an understanding of what Enterprise Systems (also commonly termed as Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, ERPs) are. After learning about what these systems are, we would touch upon why these systems are useful to companies, through which you would get to see the various jobs and positions that are associated with the use and deployment of ERPs. In this course, you would also develop an appreciation of the managerial aspects related to the selection and implementation of ERPs. Specifically, we would touch on the important points to consider when shortlisting and purchasing an ERP, the approaches taken in ERP implementation, and change management techniques to utilize when an organization is undergoing ERP implementation. At the end of this class, you will be endowed with practical knowledge that would help you to address real world business problems associated with ERP usage and implementation....

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Jul 16, 2020

Great instructor this course I know about the enterprise system how it works in the organization how to select ERP System and decision-making process to select an ERP system


Apr 13, 2022

I've learned a lot over the past weeks about ERP Systems, the benefits to businesses, and how to implement them, now I have another tool under my belt for the future!

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By Nareddy S S

Mar 15, 2019

The course is very interesting and there is lot to learn about this course.

By Kevin G

Mar 22, 2019

Course was very lightly attended, it took a full 3 weeks to get feedback on my submission, but that wasn't really the problem.

Honestly, I feel like the presentation of the material was good, but the end of term paper was a waste of time. It was too open ended, and peers didn't provide any feedback to get a feel for how good it was. Rather than just write something about a made up scenario, it would have been a lot more helpful to do a "case study" type approach where the facts were given to us and we could do an analysis that could cement the learning better.

By Kasun S

Jun 10, 2019

Thank you very much for the guidance. All the lectures were very clear and informative.

By Mahmud T

Jul 17, 2020

Great instructor this course I know about the enterprise system how it works in the organization how to select ERP System and decision-making process to select an ERP system

By M.A.C S M

Feb 9, 2020

Thank you very much for the guidance. All the lectures were very clear and informative.

By 18MIS0263 C

Sep 16, 2019

a right place to learn right things is very much useful.

By Marcel H

Dec 25, 2018

The course itself is rather shallow with only superficial info on ERP systems.

Course presentation is so slow, I had to play at almost double speed.

The assignments that are part of the program are supposed to be reviewed by peer students and the review of other people's work is also part of the required activities. In my case, there were no other assignments to review and my work was never reviewed.

The presenter was completely absent from the discussions, just periodically reposting the same message again and again.

Very disappointing experience and a Wayne of time and money.

By santhosh t

Jul 2, 2020

Enterprise systems really helped me to acquire knowledge in resource and material planning. Each session is productive in knowing facts of current trends in ERP systems and why companies are interested to integrate ERP to their its current legacy systems. Now i can confidently say that i have useful knowledge in ERP systems. I can strongly recommend this course to people who are in begging level of ERP learning cure.

By Mufaro M N

Jun 4, 2020

Course was a greatr intorduction to ERP systems. It allowed me to close up gaps in my knowledge. Instructor had a great presentation style. I appreciated the writing on the board in addition to his lecturing.

By Fawad A s

May 15, 2020

when i start this course i was not aware of Enterprise system and SAP but after completing this course i gained very good knowledge about ERP SAP and understand all the lecture, such a nice tutor Jason Chan.

By Richard A

Jun 18, 2021

Very great course. Prior to taking this course, I had no knowledge about the topic but now, i can confidently take part in any discourse. I am very grateful

By Juan E R L

Jul 11, 2019

Great content with real life and real business examples which help us to see and find out how this works in the professional world

By Inemi E S

Nov 7, 2018

I enjoyed this course. Prior to this course, I had not prior knowledge of ERP and it developed my knowledge on Enterprise systems

By Diego A T T

Nov 10, 2020

Excellent Professor. Thank you very much for giving us this approach and a better understanding of ERP and its all concept

By Hasan M

Oct 19, 2020

I think it is a good beginning. It is specially helpful for senior managers who want a crash course on the subject.

By Bhumika M

Jun 23, 2020

It could be more interesting if there could be some more examples of ERP implementation from real world scenario.

By Olivier P

Jan 12, 2023

Very basic course, only useful if you have zero knowledge/experience of entreprise systems (ERP) and the basic functions/process of a company.

By Prithvi P

Feb 11, 2020


By Mykola L

Apr 28, 2020

Nice course! A lot of useful real-life examples. Professor explained the theory clearly and provided several techniques that can be used to define an appropriate ERP system for a company. Recommend this course for everyone who wants to learn more about ERP system choosing and implementation strategies as well about business processes definition and examples.

By Stefania C

Jul 30, 2022

I have enjoyed very, very much this course, No wonder why professor Chan has so many awards and recognitions. It was very fun to learn, and easy to understand looking fordward to cotinue with my education in Coursera, this is a great platform

By Vinayak K

Apr 17, 2020

The course content was extremely good. Especially its a good opportunity for the freshers to gain knowledge on ERP systems through this course. Cudos for coursera and the instructor. Happy to complete a course in this platform.

By Indraneel B

May 26, 2020

Prof. Jason explains ERP in simplest way possible for a newbie in operations management field. He also provided reading material where gaining detailed knowledge is absolutely necessary. Overall, a great course and teaching.

By Abdullah A Q

Apr 14, 2020

It was an amazing course and the course project was the best. Practical implementation application of the ERP Systems. I'm confident to say that I am in depth knowledge of the course and am ready to take the challenge!

By Muhammad R K

Mar 3, 2024

Nice teaching style with accurate material in presentation. Assignments are relevant and short quiz in between videos are also helpful to keep active to listener. Thanks dear teacher thanks Coursera team

By Timothy N

Feb 16, 2024

The instructor simplified the course. Easy to follow through. There are some errors in the quizes though. Please fix those errors. Thanks. In all I can confidently recomend ERP software for any firm now.