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Steel, ever-evolving material, has been the most preeminent of all materials since it can provide wide range of properties that can meet ever-changing requirements. In this course, we explore both fundamental and technical issues related to steels, including iron and steelmaking, microstructure and phase transformation, and their properties and applications....

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Apr 6, 2020

If I say honestly this course was impressed me from all points of view. I am graduated with them who made this course through their hard and soul process. Again I wanna thanks to all professors.


Oct 16, 2023

Absolutely loved this course. Made everything so easy to understand. Metallurgy never sounded so simple. 10/10 would recommend for basic ferrous technology or metallurgy enthusiasts.

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Apr 7, 2020

If I say honestly this course was impressed me from all points of view. I am graduated with them who made this course through their hard and soul process. Again I wanna thanks to all professors.

By Riya J

May 3, 2020

This was a very interesting and useful course. All the topics disscused were clear, simple and yet at the same time detailled. I would like to thank Coursera and Pohang University of Science and Technology for taking the initiative to make this course free during this pandemic. Thank You

By Sajid I

May 5, 2019

This is an absolute essential course for all those who are involved in the business of steel making at any stage of supply chain of iron and steel. The course helps you to grasp the rudiments of the science of iron and steel the materials enriching our lives for centuries.

By Tharun S D

Apr 16, 2020

There are very few online courses on this subject. This course is very useful for everyone who are inquisitive to know the steelmaking process and particularly for those who are working in steel industry. Thank you POSTECH and COURSERA.

By Chennam S R

Aug 19, 2018

The course is excellent for metallurgical engineers, the way of teaching is beautiful. thank you all.

we need some distance B.E the same type course, better for all metallurgical under graduate engineers who ever is doing job.

By Dr. K R

Apr 28, 2020

Really great and interesting Lectures. I have learned and enjoyed a lot. Very much thankful to "Coursera" for providing me the opportunity to participate in the Course Ferrous Technology I,

Thank you.

K. Ramanjaneyulu

By Antonio L

May 22, 2018

Nice course, well explained as it kept me interested. Now, I would like that you can do another course where you can go deeper and interactive, as using some problem solving exercises. Thanks for the course.

By Muhammad A H

Sep 6, 2021

It is really interesting, and the style of the Honorable Professor to deliver lecture is very good. I am thankful to POHANG UNIVERSITY and COURSERA for providing this opportunity.

By sara f

Dec 2, 2019

very nice and detailed course! the teachers explain every single detail and there is almost not room for doubts. I enjoyed it very much, first course on coursera completed! :)

By jalil u r

Nov 26, 2019

It was much better than I expected. I want to point out that their should be some method to move subtitle from its original position in order to seen content behind.

Thank you

By Akash B

Nov 24, 2019

Very useful course to understand the extraction of Iron and steel. The processes involved and causes and effects. Thank you so much COURSERA for offering this subject.

By kowsic

Jun 28, 2020

easy understanding of content and neat presentation of lecture

By Guillaume B

Jul 17, 2022

Great MOOC ! It starts by providing an interesting historical insight into primitive and medieval iron metallurgy, tells about steelmaking industry development, and then gives a very comprehensive overview of modern ironmaking and steelmaking technologies by extensively describing the associated processes , equipments and facilities. In such a way that one is given a clear picture of how modern steel is made, from iron ore and coal to rolled steel coils.

The role of chemical elements that take part in ironmaing and steelmaking processes is explained well, making it possible to understand chemical reactions occuring at each process step even if one's own background in chemistry is limited.

Looking forward to take on Ferrous Technology II !

By Daniel d O

Aug 15, 2020

Really knowledgeable instructors and very well presented. Slides and learning material is very accurate and informative. Definitely helped me understand more about each step of the Steel Production possible use of Calcium Carbide in the processes. As a sales representative of Calcium Carbide, I was looking for examples of CaC2 application and the explanation of Desulfurization, and Deoxidizing of Steel and Slag, for instance, make very clear all the benefits of CaC2 in the process and when to apply the product. In that way, my objective was achieved. Thank you very much for making this course available.

By Adwait K

Jul 4, 2021

I found this course on ferrous technology really interesting. I learned different raw materials used for making steel and how they are processes. The BF-BOF and EAF iron and steelmaking processes were taught in depth covering all the components. The illustrations used throughout the course were very informative. The faculty were knowledgeable and explained the concepts very well.

By Gardin M A S

Feb 5, 2021

This course is so quick and easy to understand since the lecture gives the explanation through a simplified way also descriptive figures. This course is valuable to whom that taking metallurgical or metallic science major that focused on steel and iron manufacturing process. Within this course, we get plentiful of knowledge that applicable for industry.

By Kayla M

Oct 17, 2020

I am a graduate of BS Metallurgical Engineering and just wanted to refresh and revisit one of the cores of metallurgy - which is iron and steelmaking. The course was handled very well, and was very systematic so people who are not from the field can easily catch up.

By Sahil S

Jun 4, 2021

Ferrous Technology 1 is a brilliant course that is very comprehensive and thorough. It covers all aspects of Iron and Steel production, from its historical significance to the present-day advanced production technologies. I have learnt a lot from this course.


Jun 6, 2020

This a wonderful course for those who want to learn about Steel and the production of steel. The instructors teach the subjects in a lucid manner and the diagrams used in this course are also really good. Thank you.

By Mohtashim A

Jun 20, 2022

Great course and perfect course contents. It covers many aspects of ferrous metallurgy and is a must-do course by respective professionals to have basic grip on topics that they might need to study in detail.

By Montserrat C S

Jan 18, 2021

Este curso es realmente bueno para conocer el proceso de los metales, desde su origen hasta su final, muy detallado y esto te crea una perspectiva diferente y más completa ante la metalurgia.


Sep 15, 2020

I think it is a great course, without hesitation, I will take the second part, the content is quite good, I would only prefer that the images with the casting animation were larger in general

By Nazmul H N

Oct 17, 2023

Absolutely loved this course. Made everything so easy to understand. Metallurgy never sounded so simple. 10/10 would recommend for basic ferrous technology or metallurgy enthusiasts.

By Roberto R R

Jan 28, 2021

Un excelente curso, para mi que mi formación académica es Ing. Metalúrgico es de grab ayuda para reforzar conocimiento que ya tenía y así mismo aprender ciertas cosas que desconocía.

By Etemire C E O

Jun 21, 2020

This course was well delivered, thanks to all the lectures who were able to make this happen. I have been able to learn a lot about Iron and Steel.

Now, I'll check out part 2.